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The Science Fiction Buzz covers all things associated with the science fiction universe. From starships to astounding ebooks, if it’s related to scifi & fantasy, we have the buzzzz: relevant news, reviews and most of all - inspiration!

We cover what’s going on in the genre, conveying the information in a fun and inspiring fashion. Science fiction is about hope, encouragement and the future. It is pure escapism, a window into imagination and fantasy. In a time when our world is super-serious, where diseases abound and terror is delivered with the evening news, the Science Fiction Buzz is a haven. We encourage you to leave your cares behind, and for a few moments, dwell in the astounding.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it".
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

To read some really weird articles about the strangeness we're finding on the Internet and in the news stop by our new section called Strange Quips. We will be adding articles and tidbits that we've found to sometimes stranger than science fiction. Click Here

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.



Before you pick up the burdens of your life, remember the fun and the fantasy you found at our website. Be motivated by it and leave with a sense of wonder. Battle the mundane-ness of reality with the magic of fantasy. Remember that for just a few minutes, you had the capacity to be a dragonrider of Pern, a Viper pilot and a starship captain.

Let The Buzz serve as your doorway into the land of tomorrow, a step into the fantastic and marvelous. We invite you to imagine the impossible, get news about your favorite shows and books, take a survey to find out if you’re Cylon or human and laugh at the real world. We will deliver news and reviews about what’s going, and we will do it with as much style and humor as we can muster. Life is not all that serious, and when it gets that way, take a break, kick back and dream.

The problem with reality is that there’s
no background music.

Stop by The Buzz often and listen to the sounds of wonder. Things are always changing at the Buzz. We’re having a ball creating it, and we hope you have as much fun experiencing the results. Stop back often, because this website is too much fun to leave alone. We want to tell you about all the things we discover: sound files, science fiction fonts, stories we’ve read, movies we’ve seen – you name it, we want to share it with you.

We hope you join our adventure, and send us email about the discoveries you’ve made and we’ll share it with our really fun community. We’d love to hear from you.

News - Reviews and more!

These are just some of the science fiction events we’ll be covering at The Science Fiction Buzzzz. Our mission and purpose is to deliver the three C’s: clear, concise coverage of the world of science fiction & fantasy.

Movie, book & ebook reviews - ebook publishing & writing tips - convention listings - the fandom scene – the science fiction buzzzzz!

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About Us - It would be nice to know who we are and why we built this crazy, fun website, wouldn't it? Well, here's the answers in the About Us section.
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Fan Fiction from all genres including Battlestar, Stargate & more being added.
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Science fiction movies & fantasy films, reviews, opinions & history
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Polls - Battlestar Galactica, Writing, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 polls
Reviews - Links to movie, television, fiction and book reviews.
Links to movie, television, fiction and book reviews.
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Make your own screensavers from your favorite scifi photos. Add music, dialogue.
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Wallpapers from Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 & Anime science fiction
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Stargate Atlantis - Reviews, news - photos and more
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Battlestar, Site Map Page, Find All Our Website Battlestar Links Here
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Stargate Reviews and News on both SG-1
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News, reviews and opinions about Star Trek and Star Trek fandom.
News062005 - Newsletter from June 20, 2005
News062005 - Newsletter from June 20, 2005
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BSGDVDs - Battlestar Galactica DVDs
BSGDVDs - Battlestar Galactica DVDs
Richard Hatch wrote Battlestar Galactica novels in between the BSG series
Richard Hatch novels over the past two decades
Galactica Episodes - A brief rundown of each episode
Galactica Episodes - A Brief Rundown of life on the Battlestar
CylonLover - Requiem for my Cylon Lover
Requiem for my Cylon Lover, Battlestar Galactica poetry
Lucky Lucky Starbuck, Starbuck, Battlestar Fan Fiction
Lucky Lucky Starbuck, Dradis Approved Battlestar fanfiction
Two Of A Kind, larry edwards, battlestar galactica dradis quality fanfic
Two Of A Kind by Larry Edwards, Battlestar Galactica Dradis Quality Fan Fiction Award winner
Battlestar Galactica Blog by Ron Moore
Battlestar Galactica Blog from SciFi Channel site by Ron Moore
BSGeCards, send an eCard from Battlestar to your friends.
BSGeCards, send Battlestar eCards to your friends, eCards, bsgecards
33 Minutes, 33 Minutes Battlestar Galactica
33 Minutes Battlestar Galactica Fan Fiction, Dradis Approved Quality Fan Fiction Award
Fragged - A Roadmap and Scorecard, of sorts...
This is a synopsis/review of the Battlestar Galactica episode, Fragged.
Competition, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, competition, stargate atlantis
Competition by RoseWildeIrish, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction
bad hair days, Col. Sheppard's Hair Problems, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction
Bad Hair Days: John Sheppard Elizabeth Weir fan fiction, Stargate Atlantis
Game Set Match, Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction, Azar, Fan Fiction, gamesetmatch
Game Set Match by Azar, Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction ,SFBuzz Quality Approved
What-They-Dont-Know, what-they-dont-know, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, fan fic
What-They-Dont-Know, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction by Suzanne Tegart, sammsong fan fics
Lost by Sanssong, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, fan fiction, Lost Fan Fics
Lost by Sanssong, Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction, NC-17 rated
The BSG03 Fanfiction Archive is back after a major rebuild.
Ex Deus Machina, SG-1 episode 9.7
Ex Deus Machina, Stargate SG-1, Stargate episode review
Citizen Joe, Citizen Joe Review, Stargate SG-1 reviews
Citizen Joe, Stargate SG-1 episode review
SGA Wallpapers, Stargate Atlantis Wallpapers, Stargate Wallpapers
SGA Wallpapers, Stargate Atlantis Wallpapers just for fun!
Instinct, 2.7 Instinct, Stargate Atlantis, Atlantis, Stargate episode review
Instinct, 2.7 Instinct, Stargate Atlantis, Atlantis, Stargate review
BSG Review Home 2 - Battlestar Galactica Review of episode Home, Part II
BSGRevHome2 - Thoughts on the conclusion to the BSG episode, Home.
SGArevTrinity, Stargate Atlantis episode reviewf or 2.6 Trinity
SGArevTrinity - Review for Stargate Atlantis episode, Trinity (2.6)
Hard Six, Battlestar Galactica fan fiction by GEM, Hard Six fan fiction, BSS2005
Hard Six, Battlestar Galactica fan fiction by GEM, Hard Six fan fiction, BSS2005
Warriors, Warriors and Sentinals, Dradis Approved Quality fanfic, Battlestar
Warriors, Warriors and Sentinals, Dradis Approved Quality fanfic, Battlestar
Bath Time, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, Quality Approved fanfics, bathtime
Bath Time, Stargate Atlantis fan fiction, Quality Approved fanfics, bathtime
BSG Wallpapers, Battlestar Galactica wallpapers from the new series
BSG Wallpapers - Original fan made Battlestar Galactica Wallpapers made for fun!
CrimsonRain, Crimson Rain Fan Fiction Challenge Winner, Stargate Atlantis
CrimsonRain, Crimson Rain Stargate Atlantis Fan Fiction Challenge Winner, Stargate Atlantis
SGArevAurora, SGA Review Aurora, Stargate Atlantis second season episode review
Stargate Atlantis episode review of Aurora, second season Atlantis episode
BSGRevPegasus, Review of Battlestar Galactica episode, Pegasus
Review of the second season Battlestar Galactica episode, Pegasus where Adm. Cain is a woman and her crew the epitomy of cruelty.
sgarevconversion, Conversion, Stargate Atlantis episode review, SGA
Stargate Atlantis review of second season episode, Conversion, where JS turns part bug.
BSGbooksnew in 2003 - BSG Books currently available.
Battlestar Galactica Book releases, bsgbooksnew available.
BSG Music - BSGMusic from the classic & re-imaged Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica music, all CD's currently available, bsgmusic
Wallpapers - Science Fiction Anime
Wallpapers - Science Fiction wallpapers, science fiction anime
X-Files Wallpapers, xfileswallpapers, X-Files, wallpapers
X-Files Wallpapers - I Want To Believe
DLF, Dominant Life Form, New SciFi novel by Charles J. Marino, dlf
DLF - Dominant Life Form by Charles J. Marino is a new scifi novel that chronicles a secret project whose mission’s success or failure will determine the future of earth’s native intelligences.
Zanesville - A Novel: A wild comic novel about futuristic America, Zanesville
Kris Saknussemm’s new novel Zanesville, a wild, comic novel that blends literary with science fiction as it explores issues of religion, capitalism, and corporate culture in a futuristic America.
SGA Books, Stargate Atlantis Books, Stargate Atlantis books
Stargate Atlantis books, currently available books.
Naruto icons, free to snag. Naruto for AIM, msn or lj
Naruto icons for your lj, MSN or AIM buddy. Naruto in 80x80
ShopAmazon for Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Atlantis & more...
ShopAmazon for all your SF dvds, books & music
SG-1 DVDs available at
SG-1 DVDs available through
SGADVDs - Stargate Atlantis DVDs - As they are released...
Stargate Atlantis DVD Releases from
SG1 Books, Stargate SG-1 Books
Stargate SG-1 Books, SG1Books
War of the Worlds - The hot new movie - War of the Worlds
War of the Worlds - The New Hit Movie that opens on June 29th
Harry Potter - The Latest movie is on the way.
Harry Potter - The Movie and all the great stuff for kids
More Battlestar News, Battlestar Galactica news, views and reviews
More Battlestar Galactica news, reviews and information.
More SGA - More Stargate Atlantis News, Stargate Atlantis, News
More SGA - More Stargate Atlantis News that we've found on the net.
Web Design - 30 Tips To Better Web Design
Web Design - 30 Tips To Better Web Design
Site-Promotion | Promote your science fiction website and get more visitors.
Site-Promotion | Promote your science fiction website. Easy techniques we've found to build traffic.
Million-Pixel Website Promotion
Million-Pixel Website Promotion | Promote Your Website for only $1.00 per pixel. Neat concept.
Walt Disney
Walt Disney
Strange Quips - Funny stories, articles, jokes & quips I've written or found.
Strange quips about weird websites, articles and odd blogs we've stumbled across.
Butt Ugly Decor shows you gifts you would give your worst enemy. Strange!
Butt Ugly Decor is all about home decorating for the insane. Check out some of the worst gifts you can buy for people you can't stand!!
Aspririn - Heart Attack Connection - An Interesting article about aspirin
Aspirin-Heart-Attack Connection - Interesting article on the effects of aspirin on heart attack.
Tech Support Comedy - a website for tech support people who deal with the public
Tech Support Comedy is a website from and for help desk techs, a collection of tech support horror stories and general crabbing. Funny even if you're not in tech support.
Media Criticism, Bam Margera, Media, Criticism
Media Criticism - Bam Margera
BSGREVResShip - Resurrection Ship Part 1, Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5
BSGREVresship, Battlestar Galactica, Resurrection Ship
News Index 2005
News - We have cleaned up our news section and will be brining you more of it than ever in all genres of science fiction.
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david hewlett Resources
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Stargate Atlantis fan fiction
Upcoming Cons, Convention Listings, Conventions
Upcoming Conventions, Convention Listings, Cons
Cool Software We've Discovered & Use
Cool Software we've found for searching, making icons, screensavers and more
Gate News Updates for the Stargates
Gate World News Updates
Blood and Fire: Star Trek's New Voyages
Blood and Fire: David Gerrold's Star Trek New Voyages Movie ramps up.
Locus Mag Online, Locus Mag is the most respected science fiction periodicals
Locus Mag is one of the most respected online magazines
New Dradis Contest 2007
New Dradis - BSG Fan Fiction Writing Contest for 2007
Battlestar Galactica: News, information and reviews
Battlestar Galactica news and reviews
Stargate News & Reviews
Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 news, reviews and events
Bloggin' Sci Fi
The new science fiction buzz blog will keep up with all of the news, info and reviews in the SF genre including Battlestar, Stargate, Star Trek & more. Updated constantly!
SF Books - Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Releases, Reviews & Recommendations
SF Books - Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Releases, Reviews & Recommendations
True Blood Reviews
Bon Temps residents Reviews
Science Fiction and Fantasy Book News
Science Fiction & Fantasy Book News
Torchwood News
Torchwood follows the exploits of a small team of alien-hunters, who make up the Cardiff, Wales branch of the fictional Torchwood Institute, which deals mainly with incidents with extraterrestrials.
Bear McCreary's New BSG Piano Solos
Battlestar Galactica Piano Solos - Bear McCreary's Latest
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Science Fiction Buzz news, reviews, new releases and more...
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