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If you've every tried to get service on your computer, you will appreciate this website which is filled with tech support horror stories that would make the most stalwart consumer cringe. This website is dedicated to providing some comic relief to those working in the tech support field, as well as providing a forum for the weary tech guy to vent frustrations from possibly one of the most aggravating jobs in the industy. It is not geared toward the consumer, although reading it will give you a real look into what the tech guys are going through on the other end of the telephone.

It features stories, jokes and venting about what's happening on the other end of the support line:

Dumpster Diving
SF calls saying that her printer has a "No Print Head Installed" warning on her LCD screen. Did a little investigating (okay, I'm lying) and *surprise*, the print head wasn't installed. I asked SF if there were any extra parts in the box her printer came in (I expected her to say yes, because this is a pretty common call, apparently, the black box that comes with the printer is automatically assumed to be "extra ink"). She said she didn't know. Well, where is the box, I asked. I threw it away already. Well, you're screwed, I thought to myself (the print head piece costs more than the printer). I explained this to her, she looks out her window at the dumpster she threw the box in. I think I can still see the box, she tells me. She then, takes the cordless phone, goes down the stairs, up the street and brings me with her as she dumpster dives for TWENTY minutes. I put my phone on mute and switched it to speaker, my whole row almost died of laughter and although it's cliche (this really happened) we even heard a cat screech in the background after she (I'm guessing) threw garbage on it. SF locates the print head and we get her printer working . This is the best call I've ever had.

"It's not fucking rocket science" said by me (muted) to the last idiot who needed to have me go over the reboot process (power cycle modem and router, restart computer) 5 (that's FIVE) times after she called in to have a new router mac added to her internet modem account. Sorry, I've had a string of stupid calls today. I need that T-shirt for xmas, lol.

They have a number of neat products if you work in the technical support arena. It's advertised like this: The Tech Support Comedy Store "contains products that are of particular interest to people that wok in the area of technical support." What does this mean?

More strangeness than I'd like to consider including things like a link to the Red Swingline Stapler site ironically called They also have some really great T-shirts with witty phrases like, "I worked in tech support and all I got was this stupid t-shirt," on the front, and "...and your credit card number" on the back. In these times, that is funny and vaguely disturbing. Who knew that tech support folk's sideline business is scam theiving scumbags -- well the acronym is the same.

Another t-shirt that's guaranteed to leave you warm and fuzzy reads "I get paid for tech support..." on the front, "...I don't get paid to care" on the back.

Tech-Support-Comedy is just plain funny, and whether you're an IT person, a corporate executive with a frustrated tech guy on staff fixing your computer and mumbling under his/her breath about how stupid you are, or just a janitor who bought a $299 after mail-in rebate Dell vanilla computer, you'll find humor and chuckles worth the trip over to the site.

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