Strange Quips

We have found so many odd things on the Internet and in the news, we've taken to writing interesting articles and reviews of these places - either virtual or real. Below is a listing of articles, jokes, weirdness and strange quips for you to enjoy or scratch you head over. Nothing particularly serious; all of it a bit odd.

Health websites

What is the connection between aspirin and heart attack? This articles gives us the scoop and alternate views on staying alive and healthy.

Odd Websites

Butt Ugly Decor is all about some of the worst, ugliest gifts you can get for the ones you hate. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

Tech Support Comedy - If you've every tried to get service on your computer, you will appreciate this website which is filled with tech support horror stories that would make the most stalwart consumer cringe. This website is dedicated to providing some comic relief to those working in the tech support field, as well as providing a forum for the weary tech guy to vent frustrations from possibly one of the most aggravating jobs in the industy. It is not geared toward the consumer, although reading it will give you a real look into what the tech guys are going through on the other end of the telephone. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Are You A Paranoid Surfer?
If you're paranoid or someone is really after you and where you go on the Internet, this group will help you. Go and get The Cloak - Anonymous Websurfing for those who like their privacy.

Media & Criticism

Brandon “Bam” Margera of West Chester, Pennsylvania, used his image from the skateboard sub-culture evolving into a mainstream misfit. The first time I have ever seen Margera was back in 1994 in the skateboard video- 411 video magazine. Bam was fourteen years old and was on his way of becoming a professional skateboarder. While watching Margera progress through out the 1990’s in the skateboard industry, I could see he had some kind of star quality in him. After turning pro for Toy Machine skateboards, Margera began to produce his own independent films such as the Landspeed video, CKY2K, and CKY 3. CKY stands for Camp Kill Yourself...

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