Butt Ugly Decor

Fugly gifts for those you care not to visit. This kind of sums up this website. It's Home Decor gone wild!

Find it here: Butt Ugly Decor

Called Butt Ugly Decor, this site is an exercise in home decor in bad taste featuring an assortment of fugly* gifts and some stuff that is just downright too weird to be believed. If you are insane, a serial killer (also insane) or spiraling-towards-death crack head (just nuts to do drugs), and you want to redecorate your house, Butt Ugly Decor is for you.

If you're looking for absolutely the last thing "you would want in YOUR home," you have come to the right place. Get housewarming gifts for your enemies, "Just Because" gifts for those you least like and downright horrendous thank-yous for the few annoying co-workers you want to insult without them know it. Then again these decorations are so incredibly hideous, it would be a wonder if they didn't figure out that you couldn't stand them -- but, they will have to say thank you anyway. Protocol is protocol.

Featuring an assortment of sickening statues, perplexing and perturbing paperweights, extraordinarily ugly unicorns, angels on crack, sick looking wildlife -- Butt Ugly can fill your every bizarre, decorating need..

The categories are broken down into Wildlife, Humanoid and Unknown. Clicking on Unknown gives you a lovely selection including a toothless gargoyle, wood hairs (we don't know what these are), and a Werewolf (no, we didn't spell it wrong). Perhaps the most strange is Big Beak. If you collect eagle figurines you can turn the item to face the right and view the eagle. When you tire of that, turn it to the left and look at the mans head. Yea, that's ad ticket!

In the Humanoid category you have such delights as Anorexia-Deaths, The Brain and Oil's Yeller but I think Uncle Joe takes the cake in this one. If Uncle Joe only looked so good then look at him. Well, let's hope Uncle Joe never looks this bad. If this guy doesn't give you nightmares, nothing will.

In Wildlife, the Tabletop Fish is called a must-have. It is the most obnoxious, bad taste ocean-going creature ever to grace anybody's coffee table. Advertised with the slogan "No living room should be without a tabletop fish," we've got to say "Our living room is doing just fine without the eyestrain fish."

They also display a guarantee that they do indeed sell all this stuff, although God only knows why anybody would want to buy it. There is, however, no accounting for taste.

Butt Ugly Decor is located on a domain called legitimate.org which is a weird site in and of itself. However, visit Butt Ugly - you won't be disappointed.

*fugly is a combination of two words that alone would be offensive to most. Just think about it.

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