Free Fan Made Battlestar Galactica Screensaver

It's not professional, but it is fun. We added the theme music and the pictures we liked, used Adobe Photoshop to add some words to a couple pictures and produced a five minute screensaver, and the music that loops.

Download your self-extracting copy here:
Battlestar Screensaver with music
Battlestar Screensaver without music

Both are self-extracting and will drop a shortcut on your desktop. We made it using the Easy Screensaver software below. It was a lot of fun, and added a new dimension to my work madness. Now they watch my screensaver, which will of course change frequently.

Free Anime/Naruto Fan-made Screensaver

Download your self-extracting copy here:
Naruto Screensaver without music

It will self-extract and put a shortcut on your desktop. It may trigger your anti-virus software, but trust us, it's not a virus. Just click okay and keep going.

MANUAL INSTALLATION: If you want to manually install it, here it is unzipped. Install through your control panel. Either way works.
Naruto Screensaver without music to install manually

If you have a pop-up blocker, remember to either RIGHT-CLICK on the link above and "Save Target As..." or left click and hold down your Ctrl+ to disable the pop-up blocker. I prefer the first way.

Make Your Own With Pictures & Music

Products I Use & Recommend

Easy ScreenSaver Studio
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You can add image files or acquire images to be included from your digital camera/scanner, from websites with your favorite scifi actors and scenes and put them together directly and display them with transitions.

You can also add background music to your creation, using popular formats of audio files(mp3,mid,wav,wma...). More features such as image editing, password protection, wallpaper setting and more are included.

You don't have to save a seperate project file, because !Easy ScreenSaver Studio can open and edit your .SCR/.EXE file directly.

Create a self-installing slideshow ScreenSaver is also easy. You can even make, distribute and sell your own shareware ScreenSavers or make ScreenSavers for commercial purpose. You can also management your ScreenSavers including those that are not made by !Easy ScreenSaver Studio.

We highly recommend this product to the digital camera users and digital photo fans.

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