So, you've set up a kick-ass website and uploaded it to the web. Now what?

Site-promotion is important . . .

. . . if you want more than family and friends to visit your website. We've found some different ways to promote the Science Fiction Buzz and get the word out about our website. Site promotion is important because you want people to find you on the web.

We thought we'd share the things that have worked for us. This page will be constantly evolving, so check back often.

SiteBuilder and Site-Promotion

Site-Promotion is one of the reasons we signed up with SiteBuilder. More for it's educational value than anything else, we set out to build a website, learn the how-tos of promoting our site and extend our vision of being a fun haven for science fiction folks and an educational stop about how-to help yourself with breast cancer.

We currently have a great deal of people stopping by; however, when we first started back in February 2005, we had a grand, whopping total of 7 people for the entire month. One was the webmaster, a couple of friends she browbeat into looking at it, her mother (of course) and her father.

Now, in December we have over 12,000 people, not counting the folks who come via news aggregator and RSS feed.

Our Mission & Site Promotion

Site-promotion has allowed us to meet a ton of really nice people, spread the word about breast cancer and offer a fun stop on the Information Superhighway.

Site Promotion Sites We've Used

Just another million pixel site?

Make Your Sitemap.xml Here

Free Sitemap Generator

This tool creates a sitemap as defined by Google™ for your site. Enter the url of your website(s), let the tools generate a sitemap for you and download the compressed sitemap later. Don't forget to submit the sitemap to Google™. They spider your entire site (up to 5,000 pages) to make sure all links/pages are included in the sitemap.

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