Just Another Million Pixel Site?

The South Yorkshire Homepage - Just another million pixel site?

Well yes, it is. However, the South Yorkshire homepage is dedicated to businesses and services available in South Yorkshire region (Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster). After success of the milliondollarhomepage I decided to create my own site aimed at a specific region, which would allow businesses to aim their advertising at a specific set of people. I was hoping that Night Clubs, Bars, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Internet Shopping Sites, Local Web Developers, Solicitors, Sports Centers, Gyms, and all other businesses that rely on the Internet for increasing their revenue.

Why will this help them generate extra traffic to their site?
Well, generating traffic to your site can be a very time consuming or expensive activity to perform, so I was hoping to make that a little easier for each regional business. If I can make my site appear high in the list on the common search engines like Google based upon keywords relating to the South Yorkshire region, then I would be creating an advertising bill-board for business to direct their advertising campaign at local people looking for local products and services.

How is it working so far?
Well as of today, it's not going too well. However, my marketing campaign has only just started, and Google has not yet trawled my site since going live. Once my marketing campaign is underway I hope to have a very high Google rating. Hopefully my page will appear on the first page of results on several key words relating to the South Yorkshire region.

What does my site offer over sites like the milliondollarhomepage?
Well, I see the key improvement being the fact that you can choose your pixels, upload your picture and pay for your advertisement instantly! No need to send any emails, no chance of several email exchanges and lengthy delays due to the webmaster being too busy to respond in a reasonable time. It's quick and maintainable with little interaction.

Tell me more about South Yorkshire…
South Yorkshire is located in the North of England. The region is surrounded by Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire (Humberside). The region compromises of four towns, those being Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, and Barnsley. The region is very rich in history through the various ages. More recently the region was world renowned for its Steel and coal producing industries. However, many of the existing factories and mines have now closed to make way for a regeneration scheme that is set to give the region a more cosmopolitan look and feel.

The region is also famous for its various sports teams, including Sheffield Wednesday (The Owls), Sheffield United (The Blades), Rotherham United (Millers), and Doncaster Rovers (The Rovers). Each of the teams draw large crows on a weekly basis.

Is there anybody famous from South Yorkshire?
Of course! Robin Hood is the most famous person known to have spent most of his time around Doncaster and Sheffield. In addition to that, there is… Sean Bean (Actor), Prince Naseem Hamed (Boxer), Def Leapord (Rock Group), Human League (Pop Group), Jarvis Cocker (from Pulp), Joe Cocker (Singer), Michael Palin (Actor), Kevin Keegan (Footballer), Sebastian Coe (athlete and politician) and many, many more!

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