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Haengbok, Gun Metal Rockstar and my daughter, Vash137 love Naruto and all things associated with Anime and Japanese science fiction. In the interest of not being bugged to death, I have added a section for them to put up all the Naruto and Anime they'd like.

This is the START PAGE. This will be added to over time, so check back often. There is always more Anime to post.

Anime Wallpapers

Haengbok and Gun Metal have put together a collection of Naruto, FCLC and other wallpapers for you to snag. Credit them please, and if you use them on your website, let them know.

Anime & Naruto Wallpapers Found Here

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.


Naruto icons

Naruto icons for your lj, MSN, AIM and more can be found here. Snag what you like.

Naruto Icons Found Here

Naruto Screensaver

We threw together this quick screensaver with all of the Naruto characters just for the fun of it. It's a self-extracting file that will add the screensaver automatically and give you a desktop shortcut. Try it out.

Naruto Screensaver Found Here

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