We have combined and will be adding the new book releases going on in the science fiction genre as well as books on writing. We will break it down on this page as a Table of Contents.

Science Fiction Books

Find all of your science fiction book releases on the following pages:

Science Fiction Books

Best SF Novels of 2004

Barnes & Noble's Explorations editor, Paul Goat Allen, presents his picks for the best science fiction/fantasy reads of the past year.

This just in from the 'Goatmeister' over at - his pick of the best SFF novels of last year.

Best Science Fiction Novels of 2004

Fantasy Books

Stargate SG-1 Novels

Stargate SG-1 Books found on can be found below:

Stargate SG-1 Books

On Writing

Writing Fan Fiction Is An Art.
Find out how-to unleash your Muse here:
Discover the Secret Techniques Make It Easy, Quick & Fun!

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