Hard Six

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Hard Six
by GEM
Date written: 7/22/05
Rated: T
Word count: 536
Story Timeline: Season 2
Category: Dradis Challenge Winner
Warnings: None I can think of Characters: Apollo, Adama
Summary: Dradis Contest: Secrets Revealed Week #2
Apollo - Lee sits at his father’s bedside and lets slip a couple of things.
Spoiler: KLG 1+2, Major Valley of Darkness

Chapter One

Lee slipped into the isolation room. Lee knew he only had moments to spare before Major Cottle would be taking his father to surgery. He had to be here. He had to do this. He sat on the vacated stool next to his father's bedside.

"You know, I don't know if you can hear me. I bet you can so, while I can I'm going to say something." Lee paused for a moment. "I’m sorry. I should have never come back to see you. I should have refused the order then and been done with it, but I didn't. I'm here. I've been here with you, with the crew. We've been through a lot. Hell, I just shot the frakking Cylons to hell with four nuggets and a deck hand who was frankly scared out of his frakking mind. You know what I said to him, Dad? Lee took a deep breath and placing a hand over his father's hand, "I told him that sometimes you have to roll a hard six."

"I'll be honest, I spent my life trying to get out of your shadow. I wouldn't have dreamed of it as a little boy but when you left mom, that's when it all changed. I honestly couldn't wait to be my own man. I tried you know. I didn't go to the academy right away. You never knew that. I went to Law School, I lasted about six weeks." Lee laughed a bit. "It wasn’t for me. I spent some time home thinking about what I wanted to do and came to the conclusion that I - I wanted to fly. I applied to War College and the flight program and got in. Now, here we are."

"You overstepped your bounds, Dad. I was following my instincts. I do not regret my actions because I realized during all of the things that have happened that I am you, and I can never change that."

My greatest fear, right here, right now is losing you.

"I've been full of myself thinking I don't need you as a father. The truth is I do need you. I need you to be my father and my commanding officer because without you, I'm, as the Colonel says, not fit to wear the uniform. I may not be worthy of the uniform but I'm willing to take a chance that I am; I'm willing, as you say to 'roll the hard six.'"

Why is it that I can talk to you when you're unconscious? Why do we have such a problem talking as father and son? I'm confessing right here and now. I need a swift kick in my ass from my Dad so you better get well, Old Man."

Cottle took Apollo's silence as his cue to enter - as if he needed a cue. "Done airing your skeletons, Captain?"

"Not even close." Apollo replied dryly.

"We need to take him now son."

Lee stood and bent over his father kissing him gently and sent a prayer to the Gods.

He turned to Doctor Cottle before exiting the room. "You’ll let me know?"

"Of course." Cottle replied gruffly.

Apollo nodded, turned to his father once more and then walked out of the room.

Author's note: This is a continuation that follows one Lee Adama through his days on the Galactica after the events of Kobol's Last Gleaming. The continuation came out of a Dradis Contest winner "Hard Six". This and other parts to come will be numbered so that the title can remain the same.

Chapter Two

It seemed that the day was going in slow motion. His father was in surgery and he had a bit of a helpless feeling. 'why can't I just talk to him' Lee thought as he walked toward CIC. While on duty he was the CAG, and he had to plan the SAR for their people on Kobol. His mind was going a mile a minute as he talked to his group. Focusing was difficult all he wanted to do was scream. His father was important to him and all he could do now is wait. He hated waiting. He drags his mind back to the SAR. His father would want this to happen these people were like family.

The thing he hated most right now was the state of their acting commander; Colonel Tigh, who has obviously fallen off the wagon. 'Daddy, will not be pleased,' Lee thought. Tigh began to yell at him for not being in the brig. "I'm on duty. You still want me to fill my position as CAG when I'm on duty. Do you not?

Tigh steps up to the plot table where my team is working and I begin to brief him on the plan. As CAG I have to rely on my people. When one of those people puts two bullets into your father's chest I have to admit my confidence is shaken.

I have to give the Colonel credit he voices just that concern as the briefing continues. I tell him that the camera footage from the raptor confirms the basestars destruction, and Racetrack, the ECO on the mission, also confirmed it.

We get the go ahead order and one hour later are on the hanger deck boarding the Raptors for a jump to Kobol as we jump I can't help but wonder if I'm leaving my father for the last time. I feel a bit of guilt that I am not there with him, close to him. I bring my focus back to the mission as we enter the orbit of Kobol and begin our scans. Moments later, Racetrack locates the crash site and transponder signal. I give the order for Raptor 2 to form up as we break orbit for the planet surface. When we reach the surface alarms are going off within the Raptor. Racetrack reports there is a missile battery and it has fired. I curse under my breath and call for the raptors to break into evasive maneuvers. Racetrack reports missiles have no lock. We see an explosion and what sounds like a gun battle in the trees I order her to search that area.

When we find the team they are under heavy cylon fire, hurt, and no doubt out of ammunition. I have to think fast before we lose them all. I order Racetrack to line the raptor up between the two trees in front of the cylon assault force. I can see Chief Tyrol firing all he has left at them but I know it isn't enough. I arm the raptor's missiles and fire the cylon go up in flames. If I weren't so emotional spent from the events of the past few days I might have laughed at the chief's expression.

We set down to pick up our people. I order the marines to establish a perimeter so that we can get everyone treated and on the raptor quickly. I walk around the surface for a moment and return to talk to chief Tyrol. As a walk by he silently drops a group of dog tags in my hand. I look through the names. One in particular catches my attention. "How did Crashdown die?"

Dr. Baltar had his back to me as he answered. I looked to the others in the rescued party; they were silent and exchanging glances with each other. Tyrol finally agrees with Baltar's assessment. Personally something didn't feel right about it, but I let it go for now.

When we returned home things had gone from bad to worse. When I entered sickbay for the post mission check-up, I saw my father lying on a bed still in isolation. Cottle informed me while completing my examination that my father would make a full recovery. It felt as if a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Then the fleet wide announcement came through the speakers; it was Colonel Tigh. Major Cottle and I listened. "I have no choice but to declare marshal law."

I could have sworn I heard Cottle call Tigh a fracking idiot. I have to say if it were true it's exactly what I was thinking.

"Well, that just opens a whole new can of fracking worms," I said quietly Cottle Stifled a laugh as he took a drag from the cigarette he just lit.

Cottle dismissed me in perfect health. On my way out, I was drawn to my father's bedside. I sat next to him only for a moment. The marines were anxious to get me to bed. "I know this isn't what you would want, but none of us have any power to stop it. We need you, Dad. I need you; please wake up soon." Lee leaned forward and placed a kiss on his father's forehead. He got up and left, and his marine friends followed.

Chapter Three

It’s a hard decision to make. One I don’t take lightly. I have already mutinied once. Do I really want to do it again? I’m really not sure. The thought doesn’t cross my mind when my pilots express their displeasure about my absences from the weekly card game. It doesn’t even occur to me when Dee speaks about the conditions around the fleet, although I now truly understand my father’s reasoning and stance against martial law.

I’m coming closer to a decision that will change my life forever. Colonel Tigh in my estimation has crossed a line. The people are fighting back and in doing so they are getting killed. After the incident with Paladino I speak with my pilots, quietly. I know now what has to be done and am certain that the President will come to the same conclusion.

Hammerhead, Iceman, Racetrack, Wildcard and Shooter are in on my little plan. They all know the dangers and they all say it’s an acceptable risk. Upon returning to my cell, I inform the President of the incident. She says she has to get out now and I agree. I tell her I can get a Raptor. She says she can get the launch clearance.

All right, where do we go? I think fast I can only come up with one answer. It’s an answer I know she won’t like. I don’t even like it and when Daddy wakes up; when he finds me he will kill me where I stand. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. This has to end now.

We are all set. Vennar and Billy have talked; the guys are ready to spring Elosha and the President. Dee has come through beautifully for us but there is one more thing I have to do.

“Dad, I know you won’t approve but I guess that nothing new. I can’t stand around here and watch the fleet fall apart. You always taught me to follow my instincts. I followed them on Colonial One and I’m following them now. I may never see you again. I know I let you down. I won’t be here for you when you need me the most. I can’t help that. The survival of the human race sits in the balance. If I stand around and do nothing when you wake up I don’t think you’ll have a fleet to command. Things are really a mess. We need you Dad. Please wake up. I want you to know this isn’t about you and me. Don’t blame yourself. I’m making my own decision. I hope you understand. Goodbye, Dad.

I walk out of sickbay and down the corridor my escort in tow. Dee meets me as she always does and tells me we’re set. Racetrack comes around the corner and springs me from my guards. We walk off towards the flight deck.

I am pacing the deck waiting for the President. The guys are late something has gone wrong I can feel it and for a split second I wonder if we shouldn’t just all go back to what we are doing and forget about this.. I think of my father and my decision. Is this really what I want? Is this the only way to do it? I come up with the same answer. Yes.

Even as we wait for the launch clearance I wonder if this is a smart thing to do. As my pilots do their job and try and stop me. I think of my Dad. I know in my heart he will survive and he will understand. He is a man of law and principles. I know he wouldn’t have let it go this far. When we land on the Cloud Nine and step off the Raptor I feel a pang of guilt. The guilt is not for what I did but for what I wouldn’t be able to do for my father.

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