The BSG03 Fanfiction Archive is back after a major rebuild.

The site is now slimmer, hopefully faster and definitely easier to maintain.

The new site looks great, and the stories as always are well organized and great to read. You can tell that the archive is a true labor of love -- Judy B.


This is a group for writers and readers of Battlestar Galactica fan fiction - all ratings - focusing on the new characters and situations introduced in the 2003 SciFi Channel miniseries and the subsequent SciFi/SkyOne series as reimagined by Ron Moore.

Adult fiction is welcome, so read responsibly. Constructive feedback and lively discussion of stories are encouraged, but no flames will be tolerated.

When posting a story to the group:

Writers Please List:

  • Your title
  • author's name,
  • main characters,
  • posting date,
  • number of chapters,
  • 'ship, if any,
  • spoiler warnings,
  • and an approximate rating when posting.
  • If you'd like feedback sent directly to you, you may include your e-mail address.
The finished header should look something like this:

Title: The Battle
Author: Adama
Word Count: 4300
Rating: PG (or other rating system)
Characters: Tigh, Pres. Roslyn, Adama and Zarek (A/R)
Date Posted: 04/01/2005
Category: (ie. Challenges; Relationships; Characters; Crossover Stories; AU Stories; Action and Artwork.)
Story Timeline: End first Season
Spoilers: Kobol's Last Gleaming I II
Warnings: Main Character Death

To reduce the number of different sections in the site and make it easier to maintain we have introduced story categories as follows:

  • Challenges
  • Relationships
  • Characters
  • Crossover Stories
  • AU Stories
  • Action
  • Artwork

Your story will appear in only one of these sections. As part of the new required Header Information you must choose which category you want your story to appear in.

For instance - a story about the relationship between Apollo and his father would appear in the Relationships page. It will also appear on your own Author's page as well as initially appearing on the Updates page.

The required Header Information along with the new ratings system are available on the archive's homepage.

If you have been a regular visitor to the Archive in the past then you may experience a "white" page when you go to the new site. This is because either your browser or your ISP have cached (stored) the old version of the site and have tried to supply you with both. To cure this problem you need to clear your cache/temporary internet files.

If you don't know how to do this a full explanation is available on the site itself.

If you spot any errors or omissions in the site, or you don't like the category that we've put your story into, then please e-mail me at and let me know what to change.

For the first week after launch we will be dealing with any edits that you want done and continuing re-formatting the stories themselves into the new look. Chaos Eternus is working away at formatting all the stories but it may take a while to finish as there are currently 439!

Crys will not be adding any new stories for the first week while we deal with edits etc but feel free to keep submitting them (with the correct Headers of course!).

Now go look!


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