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The Science Fiction Buzz covers all things associated with the science fiction universe. From starships to astounding ebooks, if it’s related to scifi & fantasy, we have the buzzzz: relevant news, reviews and most of all - inspiration.
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Galactica Podcast Info
Battlestar Galactica has taken this concept into the science fiction television arena with expected results. Battlestar Galactica fans have taken to Podcast Galactica with the fervor that most SF fans brings to new technology.
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Star Trek News & Views
Star Trek collectively refers to six science fiction television series, ten motion pictures, and hundreds of novels, video games, and other works of fiction all set within the same fictional universe created by Gene Roddenberry in the early- to mid-1960s.
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Battlestar Galactica Fanfiction Contest

The gauntlet is thrown. It's up to you to tell a complete story or scene in exactly 99 words + Zoom, the word of the week. All submissions must be Battlestar Galactica related and submitted via email by Friday, March 25th at 11:59 pm EST.

Getting a FeedDemon To Read Your RSS
Once you decide on an aggregator, you'll be ready get your science fiction feeds. I bit the bullet and bought Feed Demon, and it was the best 30 bucks I’ve ever spent. It has made my life so easy, because the information is delivered directly to my desktop. It is so well worth it. It will allow you to get your Podcasts, newscasts, fanfic casts in RSS form quickly and easily.
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