Fragged - A Roadmap and
Scorecard, of sorts...

In other words, who did what to whom?

Well, it was another non-stop,crazy episode of Battlestar Galactica. It was, of course, expected. In an effort to put it into some kind of perspective, I wrote this roadmap and scorecard.

Adama continues to live, barely - unconscious and breathing on a ventilator. Doc Cottle finally turns up, grouchy, grisly and grim with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and shouting orders. He takes over in that "Don't Frak With Me" way that we've come to expect from Galactica.

Tigh is losing his sobriety and sanity simultaneously as he tries to do what he never wanted to do - take command. He's been an XO, happy to remain second-in-command, skating on the coattails of his commander.

On this side of the veil of tears, the increasingly bleak planet of Kobol harbors the few who are left (yes, they're dropping like flies), discover that the Cylons are smarter than any toaster I've ever owned. They are building a rocket launcher complete with dradis dish to track and blow the survivors up at a distance rather than chase them down through rugged terrain. They are ever efficient in their seemingly unending malice for humanity. Crashdown, who was stalking the precipice of sanity in the last episode, teeters on the edge and finally falls over in a crash and burn maneuver that would have left you astonished if this weren't Battlestar Galactica.

While Cottle operates on Adama, Tigh hovers around the periphery and finally goes into the hallway to drink, runs into Billy attempting to get kamala for the President who's going over edge with withdrawal symptoms. Tigh asks why he's not in prison, but fails to rectify his lack of incarceration when Billy answers with a really stupid remark.

Meanwhile, Apollo and Tigh clash in the CIC and Tigh blinks. After all, Apollo has a plan; Tigh has no plan - he has, in less than two episodes, started reducing the fleet to complete chaos.

And, of course there is the press and the Quorum of Twelve demanding Tigh's attention.

The President is screaming and hallucinating in her prison cell, the Twelve are circling, the press is waiting, Billy is attempting to keep her grounded, and Adama is unconscious.

Tom Zarek is part of the Quorum and raises the spectre of martial law. Tigh denies any thought of slamming the doors of democracy shut. Everything is hunky-dory. Demands are made and ignored and Tigh leaves.

The President gets crazier in her delirium.

On Kobol, the Cylons continue to build and, of course, Baltar launches his fantasy world with his deadly, maniacal, toaster/mass murderer who spouts the virtue of salvation for killers and the coming of a child, oh, a child, who will bring in the new era. When Baltar hesitates to embrace Number Six' utopia, the blond beauty nearly takes him out - but what else is new in their relationship.

Back on the Galactica, the guard, who's Geminon and religious, recognizes the rantings of the President as something more than lunacy and gets her drug.

Tigh continues to drink and now he's reminiscing until he's interrupted by Dualla, who relates the Quorum's demands.

Apollo goes to rescue the Kobol survivors, more Raptors than survivors. Oh well.

The Cylons continue to build their weapon. I wonder, is Cylon capitalized or lowercase? Fortunately, Cylons aren't the fastest builders in the world or this episode would have been over a long time ago.

Crashdown has a plan, not much of a plan, but one which Tyrol goes along with. Cally freaks from fear when there are more Cylons than expected; she doesn't want to move or follow Crashdown's obviously suicidal plan. Crashdown goes crazy and points a gun at her, Tyrol goes crazy and points a gun at Crashdown and Baltar, who's always crazy, just shoots Crashdown. Cally, who only joined the Fleet to pay for dental school, will now worship the ground Baltar walks on. That is really scary on many levels.

Tyrol manages to take out the dradis dish.. And just when you think it's all over, the Cylons go crazy and start shooting at everyone, nearly killing Tyrol and the two remaining survivors before the numerous Raptors led by Apollo can arrive and save the day.

In the meantime, Tigh lets the Quorum of Twelve see the President. Naturally, she's lucid again and calmly explains that she's trying to find Earth, and that she's the dying leader described in prophecy. The Myth of Pythia comes to the fore, and the Quorum of Twelve goes crazy, but just for a few minutes which isn't bad, then Tigh leaves for a drink and tells a miscellaneous guard to throw them out.

Finally, Tigh holds a press conference and says that it's up to Adama to release the President, but that in the meantime, he's dissolving the Quorum and declaring martial law. So much for freedom and democracy.

Tigh continues to drink, but what else is new...

Lords of Kobol, hear my prayer.. If Adama doesn't wake up soon, the Cylons won't have to destroy the last vestiges of humanity. Colonel Tigh will have already taken care of it.

Whew! And this is only episode three!

Survivors: 47,862


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