by Sanssong

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    Pairing: Sheppard/Teyla
    Rating: NC-17
    Genre: Romance
    Warnings: Adult Content
    Spoilers: None

    Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or concept of Stargate Atlantis, but I'll guarantee they have more fun when I take them out to play. ;-)

    She knows. She knows now when I look at her, what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling. All I have to do is catch her eye and she flushes just a little, enough that I know that she knows I can affect her with a glance.

    I walk by her casually and run my hand around her ass. I feel her shiver as she tries to hide her reaction. She can't, not anymore and to be honest she doesn't really try that hard. She knows that no one ever sees, only me. No one knows but me how I make her feel and that's the way she wants it.

    I'm careful though, we have to work side by side with the others and I never forget that our lives are at stake every time and it's my job to bring them home alive. It's my job to bring her home alive so I can't let what's between us overwhelm her -or me.

    But who am I kidding? I may be able to capture her with a look, but she can make me ready to back her up against the nearest wall and plunge into her over and over with just a smile and a careless toss of her head. She runs that deep.

    I watch as she goes around the corner, just out of sight. I know she needs a few minutes to pull it back together and I let her- this time. I discovered not too long ago that that calm mask she displays to the world is just that, a mask. She works very hard to keep who she really is under control and I've just made it harder.

    I whisper her name and hear her head fall against the wall where she's hiding. She's so ready, I know if I could touch her I'd find her wet and open. It takes every ounce of self-control I possess not to.

    I thought the reality of her would never match my dreams, I was wrong. She is my dream. I never thought the reality of sliding my aching penis into her slick tight passage would match the endless wet dreams of her I endured before. I was wrong. I never in a million years thought she'd be more incredible nude that she was in my dreams. I was wrong. All I have to do is think of how her breasts look in the candlelight, and how they feel when I suck one hard peak into my mouth and I lose the ability to think or speak. I'm lost. I'm hers.

    Now it's me who needs to pull it back together and I laugh at my own audacity as I turn the corner.

    He knows. He knows when I smile at him it's a promise. When I raise my eyebrow in silent challenge he turns to find a way to hide his visible desire. He knows I always keep my promise that is why he cannot control his response. He knows that I know I can have him for a smile.

    I lean over him while he is working at the computer console. My hair brushes his cheek and neck my perfume invades his senses. My lips graze his ear, my tongue barely touching the outermost edge. I hear his almost inaudible intake of breath as he tries again to hide his reaction. And he does hide it, from everyone but me. I always know.

    But I would never embarrass him in front of his team. I know what it is to keep the respect of those you command. His secret is safe with me. I keep my voice professional, normal. No one suspects a thing. I ask him about what he's working on. He breathes quickly several times before he can answer and I just smile.

    As he gets up and walks past me, I realize my control is only an illusion. The briefest of his touches arouses me to the point that I'm wet and weak in the knees. He could make love to me right there in the gate room and he knows it. One look of his eyes into mine and I am lost. I am his.

    It is time to go, my reports finished, my duty shift over. I escape around the corner waiting, hoping he will follow. I swear I hear my name. He says it just the way he does when he is inside me. My legs buckle as my head hits the wall. I need him to fill me - now. I need his hands on my ass as he slams into me again and again. I need to run my hands through his hair and all over his chest. I need to hear him scream my name when he comes.

    I turn the corner, she's waiting just like I imagined. I slowly draw her to me knowing she needs my support to stand.

    He's holding me. Relief akin to pain floods every fiber of my being. I crush my lips to his and feel the heavy point of his erection. It's my fantasy come to life.

    I slip my hand inside her pants. I was right. She opens her shirt, my mind seizes. It's my fantasy come to life. I slide home buried so deep inside her I'm not sure I'll ever get out.

    He sucks the peak of my breast into mouth and thrusts into me over and over. I cannot hold on for long, one more, I'm almost there.

    "Yes... Oh God.... John."

    I sink into her again and again. I can't help myself. She is the epitome of addiction. Her muscles grab my erection massaging it with every thrust. The closer she gets the harder I slam. I can't hold on for long, I'm almost there. Starburst. Agony. Ecstasy.

    "Teyla.... God... I love you..."

    I'm spent, but as I hold her limp sated body I realize it's true. I'm lost.

    I collapse in his arms with barely the strength to whisper back.

    "I love you."

    I am lost.

    ~ Fin ~

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