Step Into The Future With Dominant Life Form

Dominant Life Form chronicles a secret project whose mission’s success or failure will determine the future of earth’s native intelligences. Set inside an attempt on earth to create true intelligent reproducing robots, their creations proceed from increasingly complex layers of what it means to be conscious to understanding the dangers they face on a planet of humans. Even their human creators do not know if they will coexist with the beings they are designing, or will find themselves in second place behind a new dominant life form.

The story

Eric Lorenz, ex-scientist, ex-entrepreneur, finds himself drawn into a mysterious project concerning robotic development. Run by an all but unseen eccentric old man, Lorenz deals more and more intimately with office robots instead of fellow humans, and working to constantly improve them. He discovers a handful of other humans are performing similar functions at scattered locations across the country, but to what end is unclear. The consuming nature of scientific inquiry and the inept relationship ability of the human members of the team combines to form an eclectic and dynamic group whose skills produce results beyond their vision. Beyond their ability to know what will come of it in the race for Dominant Life Form.

My own take . . .

"Nice reading. I kept finding references to robots and systems that I know actually are real. I wonder just how much fiction is in this scifi tale. Not for fantasy lovers, but for those who like true science in their stories. The geeks and girls and robots alike grew on me."

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Dominant Life Form

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