War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds is a novel written by H.G. Wells in 1898 depicting an alien invasion of the earth. Since then, The War of the Worlds has entered popular culture, with a vast number of books, films, TV series and comic books using themes from this book, whether acknowledged or not. Adaptations have tended to move the date of the invasion but the basic theme has remained the same. It is being made into a major hollywood motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg, and starring Tom Cruise.(Set for 29th June 2005 release)

The official site at WarOfTheWorlds.com has been updated again this week with the following new features:

  • Countdown to release added to homepage.
  • Newest Game Map (#13 – Military Stike) promoted on home page.
  • Newest Film Clips & TV Spots added to “Media” section.

War of the Worlds Music

Japan's Premiere

Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise will be having its world premiere in Tokyo, Japan on Monday 13 June, Stewart Till, Chairman and CEO of UIP confirmed today in London.

The cancellation mistakenly reported today was simply a change of venue. UIP Japan had originally planned the world premiere at the Budokhan however then decided sometime ago to relocate to the Virgin Roppongi given its more central and convenient location.

Paul Takaki, President of UIP Japan said today that he is extremely proud to be hosting the world premiere and looks forward greatly to welcoming Steven Spielberg, Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning to Japan for this spectacular event on 13 June.

Tom Cruise will continue the promotion of War of the Worlds through Europe with premieres in Berlin, Marseille, London and Madrid. War of the Worlds opens worldwide on June 29.

Game Level #13 "Military Strike" Now Available

The War of the Worlds Suvival Game Level #13 “Military Strike” is now available to all game users.

Find it here: War of the Worlds Online Survival Game

Hitachi War of The Worlds Site Now Online!

Hitachi has launched a War of The Worlds page which includes materials from the film, and materials from the Hitachi advertising campaign.

Head over to Hitachi's War Of The Worlds Website to check out the site now.

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