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Galactica episodes:
Six Degrees of Separation (2005)
(Air date: 02-18-2005 US)

Baltar and Number Six fight over religion and God which causes Six to leave his fantasy world abruptly. Baltar is sent straight into a panic when Number Six appears on the Galactica in the persona of a woman who accuses him of treason. His religious inclinations are sorely tested as he learns the real meaning of “making Number Six” angry.

Flesh and Bone (2005)
(Air date: 02-25-2005)

Commander Adama assigns Starbuck to interrogate a Cylon prisoner (Callum Keith Rennie) who claims to have planted a nuclear warhead somewhere within the fleet. Her tactics are brutal and the end scene just leaves you wondering. President Roslin’s connection to the Cylons is also brought to the fore in this episode, and the Boomer who’s on Galactica sets out to find out if she’s Cylon but remains is clueless thanks to Baltar, who’s actions and sanity are always subject to debate.

Tigh Me Up. Tigh Me Down (2005)
(Air date: 03-04-2005 US)

Two main themes are running through this episode, both of which make this a light-hearted episode in the overall grim fare expected from the Battlestar universe. Fearing Adama has been replaced by a Cylon clone, thanks to last weeks episode ending, President Roslin urges the commander to subject himself to Baltar’s cylon detector. He, in turn, thinks that newly-found wife of Colonel Tigh is a Cylon. Baltar appears to be suffering a meltdown and the scenes between Baltar and Starbuck and Ellen Tigh and Captain Apollo are just plain funny.

Full reviews of Six Degrees of Separation and Tigh Me Up. Tigh Me Down are enroute. You can read the full Flesh and Bone review here.

More episode summaries will be posted shortly. Stay tuned.

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