"Blood and Fire"

David Gerrold's New Star Trek movie is in pre-production.

Pre-production ramping-up for "Blood and Fire" by David Gerrold


As pre-production on David Gerrold’s “Blood and Fire” continues, with additional guest cast members are announced for the upcoming episode.

Bobby Rice is already slated to join the New Voyages crew as Ensign Peter Kirk, nephew of Captain James Kirk. A recent addition to the team is Evan Fowler, who will play Lt. Alex Freeman, a significantly pivotal role in “Blood and Fire.” Evan recently participated in a Los Angeles audition, out performing 50 other actors for the role.

Also joining the New Voyages team for this episode is actor and producer, Nick Cook, of Star Trek: Intrepid, a Star Trek: TNG era production due out in early 2007. A life long Star Trek fan, Cook has recently finished filming the first adventure of the U.S.S. Intrepid with a group of close friends in Scotland, which is currently in post-production. The production values of Intrepid are among the highest in recent offerings of fan-based productions.

“Blood and Fire” was originally pitched for consideration as a Star Trek: The Next Generation script by Gerrold in the 1980’s, but was rejected for what was then considered too controversial of a storyline, because it dealt with sensitive social issues.

Written by David Gerrold, with teleplay by New Voyages team member and producer, Carlos Pedraza, “Blood and Fire” is scheduled for a June 2007 shoot.

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