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Battlestar Galactica News : Dradis Writing Challenge

Dradis Writing Challenge

- This is an on-going, fan fiction writing challenge with various permutations. To get the rules and the current challenge go to:

Seven Sins: A Seven Part Battlestar Galactica Drabble - Seven Sins is a seven-part drabble by Haeng Bok. This is Part One.

Month Long Battlestar Galactica
Fanfiction Writing Contest

UPDATE: Lee Adama Is A Cylon Month Long Writing Challenge

Normally, each week a different character will be highlighted. However, this time around we are going to focus on one character, Lee Adama. And we are going to make him a cylon. What will the reactions be? What will happen? You tell us through fan fiction. This challenge ends on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at midnight.
The Results for Lee Adama Is A Cylon challenge - The Results for Lee Adama Is A Cylon challenge.