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May 18, 2006 14:20 - The Fallout Shelter has arrived!

The Apollo/Starbuck Yahoo Group Fic has opened an official archive for all of the submitted Kara/Lee stories. Called The Fallout Shelter, this new archive is nicely set-up with very good stories and a top-notch layout that makes it both user-friendly and easy to read. While we are waiting for the October premiere (!!!!!) of Battlestar Galactica, this is a really cool place to hang out and get your BSG fix.

Here's the link.

Source: Suzane, Apollo/Starbuck Yahoo Group

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May 18, 2006 14:28 - Seven Sins: A Seven Part Battlestar Galactica Drabble

Seven Sins by Haeng Bok

Authors Note: Looks like I've set myself up for a seven part series of drabble. So far, it's Starbuck's story, but if the reason is compelling enough, that may be subject to change.

The Usual Disclaimer: I don't own Battlestar. I don't own much of anything. Just playing with the characters for a while.

#1: On Lies (takes place during HOME part 2)

I hurt every time I get in the cockpit. My fingers. Damned knee. Now it'll be this frakkin' hole in my gut. I remember the first time I squeezed my fingers around a Viper's controls, back in the academy. Sharp pain shot through my right hand so hard, it felt like the hammer had come back down and smashed it again. You carry all of your wounds into the cockpit. The pilots who think they don't are the ones who don't make it home.

"Ready for Kobol?" Lee says with an uncertain smile. First the bastard tells me he loves me. Now his gaze glances over me as though I'm made of glass, and if he stares too long, he may be cut to pieces.

I can't deal with this. Lee Adama is my best friend. He's not supposed to kiss me and tell me he loves me. Even if he doesn't do both of them at the same time.

I force a smile, throw out a jaunty salute and say, "Another planet packed full of Cylons who want to kill me. Can't wait."

Apollo laughs. "It's not personal."

"Did someone break your fingers?" The toaster's brown eyes were too interested, his compassion too sharp.

"Get out." My eyes filled with tears.

This is personal. I'm not thinking about that. I told myself I wasn't thinking about that. "Frakking Cylons." I whisper. I frakking hate it when I cry.

Lee raises an eyebrow. "Starbuck?"

"I've got the window." I push past him into the transport. Don't look back. Never look back. Put the pain behind you and keep moving. Keep flying, Starbuck. There's pain there too, but that moment, when the thrusters kick in, shoving you like a fireball through the empty heart of space, that moment the Viper becomes a part of you and you know you're really free.

I wish I was flying this bucket.

It's a short ride down to the planet, and a long time tramping through mud and rain.

We find Earth. Or at least the path to it. It's path paved with the dead, but what else is new? Our fleet is whole, all if forgiven, and now we have hope.

Lee told me he loves me. Adama told us he'd lead us to Earth. Roslin told me nothing else mattered but that dream. I told Anders I'd be back for him.

Which of us is telling the truth?

#2 On Pride is for tomorrow.

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