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Fanfiction Writing Contest

Is Lee Adama A Cylon? And if so, can you write about it? That was the question posed.

Apparently many writers feel that they can, because this proposal passed with 63% of the vote. This could be the biggest fanfiction secret on the web.

So here's what we're going to do.

Lee Adama Is A Cylon EZ Guidelines

  • This challenge has been extended due to a mix-up in contest rules. Some people thought this went on until the end of Febraury and are still producing work. This has become the longest contest we have ever run! All entries are due by February 28, 2006 at midnight.

    This challenge has been extended until February 28th @ midnight.

    PRIZES: We are giving away the Battlestar Galactica Companion Book to the lucky first place winner of this challenge in all four categories. You have four chances to win.You can enter as many times as you like and judging is final. Since the holidays have passed we are also willing to substitute a comparable Amazon gift certificate if you already own this (now old news) book. {smile}

  • Punctuation and spelling count.
  • When posting your entry please put the following at the top:

Author's Name:
Main Character(s):
Posting Date:
Word Count:
Which Category: (Drabble, dradis, flash fic, short story)
Ship, if any:
Spoiler Warnings
Rating when posting:
If you'd like feedback sent directly to you, you may include your e-mail address.
Website (if any)

The categories and winners will be by word count so everybody has a chance to write something.

  • Drabble - 100 words or less
  • Dradis - 100 - 499 words
  • Flash fic - 500 - 1000 words
  • Short Story - 1001 - 7500 words

All the other usual rules apply.

All entries will be either archived on the SF Buzz site or in the following places:
Archiving of BSG entries will be here: www.bsg03fanfic.com as well as in SF Buzz archive Worlds Of Wonder.

The character for this round would be Lee Adama.. Four new banners will be issued for this contest.

Lee "Apollo" Adama is a cylon fanfiction challenge. Now before you start screaming, look at some of the possible story ideas that have been proposed from this one thought.

Here are some of the story ideas that would make this exciting fanfiction challenge put forth by Brownie:

  • Does he live or die?
  • Can he break his programming or not?
  • What about other copies?
  • Imagine Kara or Dee's feelings when finding out that the man they love is a cylon.
  • What will Commander Adama do upon finding that the son he's reconciled with is a "toaster"?
  • Can Lee be a cylon duplicate and still be Adama's son or are the two mutually exclusive?
  • Would this give a whole new meaning to "the children of humanity" or just become the ultimate betrayal?
  • What of Roslin when she discovers she's put unconditional trust in a sleeper agent?
  • Apollo is in place to impact even the minor characters, the pilots and technicians.
  • How is he exposed in the first place (the cylon detector, Caprica Boomer, Anders etc.)?
  • What are the effects of the revelation on his own psyche?
  • Make up one of your own.

There are only four "Lee Adama is a Cylon" stories on the Web so far: Possibility: Crazy, Abstract, Final Moments, and Twelve (and the first three are very much alike). It would be great to see lots of new, original ones, and obviously if you just take one of the ideas from above, you have a story.

We will accept R-rated fiction; however, while we don't mind sex, it must be tastefully presented with a plot. No slash, please.

Spelling & Punctuation are appreciated. You're story stands a much better chance of winning our contest if you adhere to a few guidelines:

The period is your friend. Sometimes a comma is appropriate, but if you find you're using more than three commas in any given sentence, consider a period. In some of the last entries, folks even forgot the periods. I know we're all excited to writing and to be writers, but a full stop between a series of words is always appreciated.

Paragraphs are your friend. Try and have more than one per story. (You know how hard it is to read a story that's an endless paragraph. It makes for a grumpy judge)

New dialogue = new paragraph. Example:

Starbuck said, "I can fly circles around anyone on this ship."
Apollo laughed and replied, "So what. You still can't make chicken soup worth a frak."
Adama nodded.

Note: the paragraph and spacing between same.

Try not to invent your own punctuation.

Quotation marks surround direct dialogue (ie. "It's raining Cylons," he said.)

Thoughts are indicated either by italics or single quotes, not *~Insert Thought Here~*.

Rule of thumb: if you have to explain your punctuation prior to the start of the story, we have a problem.

Occasional errors are forgivable; just try to keep it to a minimum and we'll get along just fine.


Winners receive a banner designed by Haengbok, who made the banners for What Cylon Model Are You (Link) Quiz, that you can post on your website, live journal, etc. First and second place stories will be will be archived on our website with a link to your website, fan fiction archive, live journal, blog, etc.


If you found out about this challenge through a Yahoo group, POST YOUR ENTRY TO YOUR GROUP. Simply title it "DRADIS: " or "DE:" + Title/Pairing/Rating, etc. in the Subject Line That way everybody can read and enjoy your creations. We will find and review your entry through the DRADIS or DE you put at the beginning of your subject line.


  1. Join and post your entry to the following Stargate Atlantis Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dradis499 This won't be set up until September 8th.

  2. Join one of the many Battlestar Galactica fan fiction Yahoo Groups that host the contest and post it there with the words "DRADIS:" or "DE:"in the subject line. (if you do this, then use the YAHOO GROUP RULES above)

    Links to a lot of Yahoo fan fic groups can be found here: http://www.dradiscontact.com

  3. Email it directly to: dradiscontest@gmail.com

The choice is yours.

QUESTIONS: sciencefictionbuzz@gmail.com

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