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Joe Flanigan plays Lt. Col. John Sheppard on the Stargate Atlantis series. Cobra, Apache, Sea King, Black Hawk, Osprey, Sea Harrier ... you name it, he's flown it. The son of a respected Cold War colonel, Sheppard, while on duty in Afghanistan, disobeyed a direct order in an attempt to save the lives of three servicemen. His reputation tarnished, he yet remains a man of honor who puts the military first while still mistrusting authority. When tapped to serve on the Stargate Atlantis team, he is at the end of his second tour at McMurdo, the U.S. Antarctic base, having requested a post as far from the world as posible. He gets to go an entire galaxy away when it's discovered that he is one of the very few humans possessing the gene allowing mental interaction with Ancient technolgy.

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