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News - General News on Stargate Atlantis including book, music and dvd releases, what's happening with the actors, set updates and more.

News > Torri Higginson - Torri Higginson plays Dr. Elizabeth Weir on the Stargate Atlantis series. This section covers all news related to this actress. Attractive, brilliant, but not one to seek the spotlight, Dr. Weir has worked behind the scenes in the U.S. government for several years. Though she's not the one who signs treaties, she has brokered a dozen of the most sensitive international accords in modern history. She has two Ph.D.s, teaches political science at Georgeotwn University, has served in embassies all over the world and speaks five languages.

She is one of Canada's leading actressess, and a familiar face internationally through her roles in the TekWar franchise, the Academy Award-winning movie, The English Patient and the miniseries Stephen King's, Storm of the Century.

News > Joe Flanigan - Joe Flanigan plays Lt. Col. John Sheppard on the Stargate Atlantis series. Cobra, Apache, Sea King, Black Hawk, Osprey, Sea Harrier ... you name it, he's flown it. The son of a respected Cold War colonel, Sheppard, while on duty in Afghanistan, disobeyed a direct order in an attempt to save the lives of three servicemen. His reputation tarnished, he yet remains a man of honor who puts the military first while still mistrusting authority. When tapped to serve on the Stargate Atlantis team, he is at the end of his second tour at McMurdo, the U.S. Antarctic base, having requested a post as far from the world as posible. He gets to go an entire galaxy away when it's discovered that he is one of the very few humans possessing the gene allowing mental interaction with Ancient technolgy.

News > Rainbow Sun Francks - Rainbow Sun Francks plays Lt. Aiden Ford, the boyishly good-looking you officer who served as the Stargate Atlantis team's military second-in-command. Having taken a massive dose of Wraith poison when he was fighting to save Atlantis, he has disappeared into the Pegasus Galaxy to build an army of like-affected individuals to take out the Wraith. Slightly crazed by the Wraith injection, he is no longer second-in-command and according to some, a liability to the Atlanteans. Lt. Col. Sheppard, however, remains loyal and starts a hunt to find him.

News > David Hewlett - David Hewlett plays Dr. Rodney McKay, the acerbic, brilliant, at times, reckless astrophysicist with long stargate experience. Temporarily assigned to Stargate Command, he matched scientific wits with Major Samantha Carter when her fellow SG member, Teal'c, was cut off from the stargate while on another planet and again in a two-part episode called Redemption. He now serves as scientific advisor on the Stargate Atlantis team.

News > Paul McGillon - Paul McGillion plays Dr. Carson Beckett, the Atlantis team's chief medical doctor. He is a lovable Scotsmen, complete with accent, who has a witty sense of humor and a great deal patience. He also possesses the Ancient gene and can activate Ancient technology frequently. He is credited with discovering the Ancient Gene in humans.

News > Rachell Luttrell - Rachell Luttrell plays Teyla Emmagan is the leader of a now primitive but once technologically advanced race on the planet Athos. Rescued by the Atlanteans from sure demise at the hands of awakening and attacking Wraith, Teyla and her people take refuge on the mainland of the Atlantis planet. Teyla Emmagan befriends the Stargate Atlantis team and becomes their alien liaison in the Pegasus Galaxy.

News > Jason Mamoa - Jason Mamoa plays Ronon Dex, a human native to the Pegasus galaxy who fought the wraith in defense of his planet and lost. Ronon Dex was captured, tortured and then released to become a "runner," the target of a Wraith hunting ritual. He evaded capture for seven years until he joined Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's SG team.

Stargate Atlantis > Music - All the news about the soundtrack releases, new music for the series and the composers and record companies handling the Stargate Atlantis franchise.

Stargate Atlantis > Books - News and reviews of Stargate Atlantis books will be found in this index.

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