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October 18, 2005 10:20 - Joe Flanigan's Appearances This Week

Joe Flanigan's US TV appearances for the week of October 17th:

FRI Oct 21
9:00P Stargate Atlantis - "Condemned" - SCIFI

SAT Oct 22
12:00A Stargate Atlantis - "Condemned" - SCIFI
11:15A The Other Sister - TBS

SYNDICATION -- weekend of Oct. 22/23rd: Stargate Atlantis -
"Suspicion" -- check your local listings for channel, date and time.

Source: Morjana from:
Richard Dean Anderson Fans
Fans of Joe Flanigan

October 19, 2005 16:15 - Stargate & Battlestar Toys from Hasbro

Hasbro to release 3-inch Stargate, glider

Hasbro will release the first-ever toy Stargate and death glider as part of the upcoming line of Star Wars toys, according to reports at Rebel Scum and Both Stargate toys and Battlestar Galactica toys will be included as a sort of "expanded universe" along with Hasbro's new Star Wars Titanium line.

Stargate items on the list include:

  • 3-inch Stargate with Stand
  • 3-inch Death Glider ship

Battlestar Galactica items include:

  • 3-inch 1978 Viper vehicle
  • 3-inch 1978 Cylon Raider vehicle
  • 3-inch 2004 Scout ship vehicle
  • 3-inch 2004 Colonial 1
  • 3-inch 2004 Raptor
  • 3-inch 2004 Viper Mark VII
  • Cylon Warrior (figure)

October 19, 2005 16:19 - Sonny Whitelaw currently working Stargate Atlantis novel

Sonny is currently working on a Stargate Atlantis novel, and Chimera, a bioterror thriller based on international events that occurred in 1995. She is the author of Stargate SG-1 CITY OF THE GODS, The Rhesus Factor and Ark Ship,

About the author: Sonny ran dive charter yachts and adventure tours in the South Pacific for twenty years. To finance her stint at Sydney University in the late 1970s, Sonny worked as a photographer and commercial SCUBA diver. While writing her thesis on sea level change and global warming, Sonny decided that sailing around the South Pacific and running adventure tours would be safer than a career as an academic. The lifestyle was ideally suited to freelance photojournalism, and Sonny’s award winning work has appeared in dozens of international publications including National Geographic. She has worked as a correspondent for a newspaper and staff writer for a magazine, and, under funding from the EU, written a virtual encyclopaedia for the Vanuatu Government.

Then one evening in the late 1990s, sitting on the edge of an erupting volcano with a jug of slightly ashy margaritas in hand, Sonny allowed a couple of her friends - a volcanologist and an epidemiologist - to talk her into finishing her thesis. With the philosophy that ‘the play’s the thing’, Sonny chucked the thesis idea and instead wrote the factional eco-thriller, The Rhesus Factor. The galley alarmed an Australian MP sufficiently to cite it in the Queensland State Parliament. Somewhere between moving to Australia and submitting Rhesus to publishers, Sonny wrote the SF novel, Ark Ship. The Rhesus Factor picked up a Draco Award for Excellence in Science Fiction and was published in early 2005. Ark Ship quickly became something of a best seller as an e-book, and was also released as a paperback in 2005. Meanwhile, Sonny received an offer too good to pass up, to write a novel based on a hit MGMs hit television series, Stargate SG-1. Nine months later Stargate SG-1 CITY OF THE GODS was born.

According to her blog, the first draft was done in August 2005, and she's currently finishing the Chimera novel to ship, then she'll be returning to the Stargate novel.

blog: Sonny Whitelaw blog

October 20, 2005 16:10 - The Stargate 2005 Fan Awards wants your feedback

The Awards Team want to know what you think about the 2005 Awards.

Our feedback survey is online now at

Take the survey here.

Like last year, it's completely anonymous - we want you to be honest. Your opinions matter a great deal to the Team.

All of the questions in the survey are optional. If there's anything you're not interested in or would rather not say even anonymously, you can just skip that question. The survey should take no more than ten minutes to complete.

The survey will remain online until the end of November 2005, at which point the team will begin to analyse the results. The results will be published on the Awards site (as statistics and summary only) some time in 2006.

Of course, if you have feedback or suggestions you'd like to discuss with the Team, you're welcome to post here on our discussion list.

The Stargate Fan Awards Committee
Stargate Fan Awards - Recognising the creativity of Stargate fandom.

October 20, 2005 16:13 - Stargate News from Sonny Whitelaw

Just received this from Sonny Whitelaw concerning conventions, her latest Stargate novel and the upcoming Stargate Atlantis novel

Just a brief note to remind everyone that, along with Joe Flanigan and Torri Higginson, I will be attending Vortex Events in Brisbane on Sunday 6th and then flying down to Sydney on Tuesday for the BOBW Stargate convention the weekend 11-13. Thanks to one of my wonderful fans, who dedicatedly carted a huge box from London via Iceland to Sydney, I will have a some 90 Stargate novels available for sale at both conventions - looking foward to seeing you all there.

For those who have asked, I have completed both the first drafts of a new Stargate Atlantis title, and my own bioterrorism thriller, Chimera. Both have been mailed off to their respective publishers. It can take several weeks, even a couple of months, for editorial feedback so that I can set to work on the second drafts. Meanwhile, I ducked down to New Zealand for some heli-hiking and blackwater (cave) raftng. Fabulous, as always. I''ve been adding the odd photo to my photoblog (you can access it through my website) including some truly stuninng ice caves from the glacier.

Cheers to all