Dradis Weekly Winners - April 2005

by GEM

Characters: Lee, Kara, Adama
Genre: Angst
Date written: 4/25/05
Rated: K+
Word count: 99+ 1 (Word of week: card)
Story Timeline: Pre-Mini Series
Spoilers: Mini Series (Small ones), Art of Contrition
Archiving: BSG2003/ApolloStarbuckFic/Anyone else, please ask. www.bsg03fanfic.com

Kara walked away from the crowd surrounding Caroline Adama. Lee was nowhere to be found, neither was his father. She finally found them. All she had to do was follow the sound of their raised voices.

Lee was furious, "It's your fault! You're the one that pushed him to fly!"

Kara hoped he wouldn't take this conversation too far.

"It was an accident, Lee!"

"An accident that killed my brother! An accident that never would have happened if you'd been a father, and opened your eyes!"

`No Lee, don't play that card.' Kara thought, as she watched from a distance.

Reality of a Viper Pilot
Winner: Dean (aka Chunx)

Word of the Week: Time

Story Timeline: series
Characters: All

Time to go down to the tubes and get into a viper,
The techs have armed and fueled it up and cleaned it with a wiper
Now I'm shot out into space to fight another Cylon,
To blast them into bits of steel, fibreglass, and nylon.
And when my guns are empty and my viper's low on fuel,
It's time to land and stretch my legs, then grab a bowl of gruel.
So when you get those viper wings and think of guts and glory,
It's just a boring circle which is told within this story.
So say we all!

Standing Alone
Winner: Scooterkitty

Word of the Week: Blue

Story Timeline: pre-mini-series
Rating: K
Characters: Kara
Warnings - None
Archiving: BSG2003-Fanfiction Archive

Disclaimers- Battlestar Galactica and its characters are the property of someone much richer than me and I don't make money from these stories so please don't sue.

The report of the guns seems unnaturally loud in the stillness of the afternoon. She flinches slightly at each of the three volleys. She is acutely conscious of the scent of the white roses lying near the casket...

The engagement had not yet been officially announced, so it is to Caroline Adama, and not to her, that the guard of honor presents the folded Colonial flag...

As the mourners begin to drift away from the gravesite, she looks up at the flawless, liquid sky and wonders at the unfairness that today, of all days, the sky should be so blue...

Of Dreams and Vipers
Winner: Larry Edwards

Word of the Week: Shot

Pairing - Lee Adama / Kara ThraceRating - PG-13
Archiving - BSG 2003, Apollo/Starbuck Fan Fic, all other's please ask
Spoilers - None
Author Contact - l.edwards@gci.net

Disclaimers- Battlestar Galactica and its characters are the property of someone much richer than me and I don't make money from these stories so please don't sue.

Summary- Some dreams are better than others.

"Take the damn shot!" Captain Adama growled as the Cylon Raider flipped plunging towards the fleet. Starbuck's Viper spun behind the enemy. Red flames flickered from its gun ports. The rounds found their mark shattering the Raider.

On the flight deck as an angry Lieutenant Thrace opened her mouth to tear into Lee she noticed his shocked face and looked down.

"Frak!" Starbuck awoke startled, but soon forced herself back to sleep. Back on the flight deck, she looked down – she was dressed.

Looking up, she saw Apollo patiently waiting for her… naked. "Much better," Kara purred walking towards Lee.

What is Sin?
Winner: Haeng Bok

Word of the Week: Sin

Characters: Boomer-Baltar
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None

Disclaimer - Battlestar Galactica is owned by the people who own it and not by me. Please don't bother suing. I am judgment-proof. I have nothing. Happy reading.

Please, take me God.

Lt. Sharon Valerii stared into the barrel of her gun.

She never prayed to the Lords of Kobol. Her heart knew only one God. When had she lost faith in the truth everyone believed?

Sharon shoved the gun into her mouth. Her tongue tasted cold steel, like a first, hesitant kiss.

Baltar's test proved her human. She wanted to believe.

When she slept, sin danced behind her eyes.

Lost love.Pain. Death. She wanted to believe her dreams lied.

Her hands shook.

Was it sin to take your own life?

Would death erase sin?

She prayed.

What You See
Winner: Suzanne Tegart

Word of the Week: Zoom

Suzanne has other fanfics at her website:
Gate of Dreams- Fan Fiction Archive for SG-Atlantis, SG-1,
Star Trek Voyager, Dead Zone and Battlestar Galactica

Characters - Lee Adama, Kara Thrace
Archiving- Apollo/Starbuck Fan-Fic, Gate of Dreams, all others ask first.
Spoilers- None
Warnings- None
Special Thanks to - Anna, my awesome beta!

Disclaimer - I don't own the wonderful characters or story concept for Battlestar Galactica, but I hope I can do justice to the wonderful characterizations scripted by Ron Moore and company every week! I make no money off these poor scriblings, but I do live for feedback!

"You're kidding me, right?"

No answer.

"Oh, frak, you're not are you? You've really been using that thing to spy on me."

"Kara, it's not what you think."

"Oh, and just what is it I think, Lee?"

Apollo shifted uncomfortably. "That I've been using the zoom on the observation deck to watch you undress every night."

"Really?" Kara smiled broadly, eyebrows spiking playfully. "Why, Lee Adama, you little perv. See anything you like?"

"Well, yeah I-" Apollo stopped mid-sentence, his mouth open in disbelief. "You're not -mad?"

"Nah, but I would've been if you'd been checking up on my flying."

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