Dradis Weekly Winners - May 2005

Title: Drunk and Disorderly
Author: Scooterkitty

Word count: 100
Date: 5/23/05
Series: pre-mini
Rating: K+
Category: challenges
focus: Kara
spoilers: none
Archiving: BSG2003/ApolloStarbuckFic/Anyone else, please ask. www.bsg03fanfic.com


Kara stood before the civilian judge, her head pounding and her mouth as dry as the Scorpian deserts, while the bailiff read the list of charges.

"Disturbing the peace."

Oh yeah, she thought, stifling a grin.

"Drunk and Disorderly."

There's an understatement.

"Attempting to deface a public statue."

Hmm, I don't remember that...

"Attempting to steal a police vehicle."

Now, that I remember...

The judge looked at her sternly. "How do you plead, Cadet Thrace?"

The JAG officer, who was acting as her council, gave her a sharp poke.

"Guilty, Your Honor," Kara said, trying very hard to look contrite.

Shattered World by GEM

Date written: 5/14/05
Rated: T
Word count: 99+ 1
Story Timeline: Season 1
Category: Dradis Challenge
Warnings: Death
Characters: Caroline Adama
Summary: Dradis Contest: Word of the week: Fear
Spoiler: Act of Contrition (Minor)
Archiving: BSG2003/ApolloStarbuckFic/Anyone else, please ask. www.bsg03fanfic.com

Author’s Note: I was reading some comments on the group last week and someone (I think it might have been Nancy said she liked the stories that looked into Characters like Caroline Adama) so this story was inspired by those comments. Todd Myers is a Minor Character from another one of my stories and the only thing I own here.


Caroline looked out of the window. She saw two officers walking up to the front door. She left the room and went to the door.

She recognized one of the officers immediately. "Todd?"

"Caroline, may we come in?"

The formality that he used sent a cold fear through her. Something was wrong. She stepped aside and let them inside.

"Caroline, I think you should sit down."

"Caroline, It’s my sad duty to inform you," the room began to spin. Todd continued to speak. The glass she was holding shattered, as did her life.

Her baby, Zac, wouldn’t be coming home.

This Means War
by Scooterkitty

Rating: K
Characters: Kara
Date Posted: 5/4/05
Story Timeline: Pre-mini
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Summary: Contest word of the week: KILL
Archiving: BSG2003/ApolloStarbuckFic/Anyone else, please ask. www.bsg03fanfic.com

Kara peered cautiously into the locker room. She had a flight lesson in a half hour. She needed to get into her flight suit, but she'd just pulled a prank on Ticker and she knew the other student would be looking for payback.

Frankly, the students' practical jokes were getting out of hand, but no one wanted to cry `uncle' first. There was pride involved.

Moving to her locker, she quickly changed. Grabbing her helmet, she found it was filled with Aquarion slugs.

Lee, she fumed. Only he knew of her revulsion to the oversized creatures. I'm gonna kill him!

*Please note: no actual slugs were harmed during the writing of this drabble.

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