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Battlestar News 2005

SF Buzz Homepage : Battlestar Galactica News : April 2005

April 1, 2005 21:00 - NEW! Battlestar Galactica Poster available from Movie Goods

NEW! Battlestar Galactica Poster available from Movie Goods, the web's largest selection of movie posters and memorabilia, including Battlestar Galactica posters. Click on the poster to find out more.

Special Thanks to Battlestar Blog for picking this up.

April 1, 2005 21:02 - Some really nice Battlestar Icons Can Be Found Here.

If you like icons, these are particularly nice. Crazy Leaper did a really nice job.


April 1, 2005 21:05 - Titan Gets Battlestar Galactica Book and Magazine

As we first reported earlier in March....

Titan Publishing has licensed publishing rights to the Sci-Fi Channel's new hit series, Battlestar Galactica, and has announced both book and magazine titles. Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion, by Dreamwatch Executive Editor and sci-fi writer David Bassom, will be released in June at $14.95. It will feature interviews, insider info, an episode guide to the mini-series and first series, and a 16-page color photo section.

Titan will also publish the Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine, a bi-monthly 68-page guide to the show.

April 1, 2005 21:25 - USA Today Reviews Battlestar Galactica

USA Today Reviews Battlestar Galactica

The parade of positive reviews and articles continues....

USA Today has two articles in this mornings' paper about BSG. It discusses the first season and provides hints of what is coming for us in Season 2. As such it is spoilerish and should be avoided by those who wish to remain completely spoiler-free. The article itself is highly complimentary and as always it is great to see BSG garnering so much positive press.

'Battlestar' is in a timely space continuum

Star Edward James Olmos, whose only sci-fi credit was the 1982 film Blade Runner, said he had no desire to tackle the genre again. Now he calls Battlestar "one of the best television shows I've done in my life."

How the 'Galactica' stars line up, now and next season

When we left our ragtag band of human survivors on Battlestar Galactica last week, the stage was set for a major battle against the Cylons, a military coup and a religious clash. The story lines culminate in tonight's cliffhanger (Sci Fi Channel, 10 ET/PT). And next season? Says executive producer David Eick: "A character who we believed is bad may not turn out to be. Characters who we believe we can trust are going to challenge that belief. And we're going to introduce not one but two new Cylon models." Got all that? USA TODAY's César G. Soriano recaps Battlestar's stars...

April 2, 2005 13:28 - Battlestar Themed Gear

From the ShareTheSatire.com comes Battlestar Gear:

Cylon Eye

A ShareTheSatire.com original inspired by the new Battlestar Galactica. Cylon Eye gear featureing a glowing Cylon eye: See red.

CAG - Good Hunting

A ShareTheSatire.com original inspired by the new Battlestar Galactica. CAG gear features Starbuck's slogan "Good Hunting." Be the CAG.

Thy Will Be Done

A ShareTheSatire.com original inspired by the new Battlestar Galactica. "Thy Will be Done" gear features the glowing red Cylon stripe. Be the Cylon.

For more info visit: ShareTheSatire.com

April 2, 2005 15:38 - Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2

Well, I was going to write up my thoughts on last nights stunning and wild episode of Battlestar Galactica, but when I logged on this morning, I found that the Battlestar Blog had done an exemplary job of summing up and asking many of the questions that paraded across my mind.

This is one of those episodes where you would expect them to answer all the questions raised in the FIRST PART of Kobol's Last Gleaming, but that just doesn't happen. What we are left with are more questions than when we started. Some of the questions he covers includes:

  • Why does Adama freak out on Roslin?
  • Why does Adama pick Boomer to go on the mission?
    I was asking myself the same question. I assumed it was because Boomer had attempted to commit suicide, but who knows? Adama seems to be in possession of so much knowledge he just doesn't talk about, one has to wonder. One thing that always seems to happen with Adama, that when Starbuck is involved, he seems to lose that cool, hard exterior. Is that all that motivates him to arrest the President? That she coerced Starbuck to do something he considers silly and dangerous. Or is it something more?
  • Who is Racetrack and how did she draw the short straw? Too funny. Now there was a picture of confusion in the cockpit.
  • Why was Crashdown and Tyrol acting so strange? I wondered if they'd gotten into some kind of fight, or Crashdown had never been responsible for anybody but himself and was suffering a meltdown trying to come up with a plan.

The list of questions goes on, and the article is quite thought-provoking in terms of where this series is headed. Read it in its entirity over at the Unofficial Battlestar Blog

Some questions I had and I'm sure there's dozens more out there include:

Is there something we're missing in the big picture?
I mean, look at it - Boomer successfully lands on a Cylon basestar, leaves a bomb, meets about 10-15 versions of herself and departs unscathed.

It's a good question the Battlestar Blog points out - Why are the Boomer clones so placid? Do they know something we don't? Was their meeting with the confused, suicidal Galactica Boomer part of a larger God-like plan and were they created to die? Does her meeting them trigger her killing mode, or instead, does she blame Adama, because by sending her on this mission, he has destroyed her self-delusion of being human? Distraught and in a state of shock, she shoots him?

Apollo switching sides is another question - now while I agree with Apollo for doing it, why didn't he argue the point prior to boarding the ship. Did it suddenly just occur to him as he was standing on the President's ship that this was a bad plan? He looks pretty committed in the Landing Bay.

Battlestar Blog asks about the Tyrol/Crashdown clash...
I think, Tyrol and Crashdown's stresses and strains are clearly a distraction so that they don't see Baltar wandering off into the blue. The metaphysical really does takes center stage, as we realize just how far the Number Six in Baltar's head will go as she saves his life, and finally tells him (and us) why. Well, sort of. Maybe, we'll get a reason for his brand of insanity in the next 20 episodes.

Why didn't Starbuck shoot CapricaBoomer?
Even after Helo stopped her the first time and told her that Boomer is pregnant. Under ordinary circumstances, Starbuck would have shot her. She's just landed on her destroyed, radioactive world, gotten beat within an inch of her life by Number Six and found out that her friend has to be a Cylon. But she refrains.

Did Starbuck's meeting with Leoban in the episode, "Litmus" give her pause. Clearly, she had changed after that episode, praying for the Cylon's soul. Roslin showed unusual coldness in that episode, and the person you expected to kill the Cylon agent wound up arguing for his life and praying for his soul. So when we arrive at Caprica, Starbuck is already undergoing a change that so profound that she doesn't kill a Cylon who she thought was her friend.

Why does CapricaBoomer know and have an interest in the Arrow of Apollo?
Everyone wants this thing - both human and Cylon alike. We know why it's so important for the humans to find Earth. But the Cylons? To destroy the last vestiges of humanity? Are all Cylons tied together telepathically so that what one knows, they all know? It would appear so or where would she get that knowledge from. Helo is obviously not that interested, nor did he know about it.

These are just some of my thoughts on the subject.

BTW, did you notice that President Roslin's pill supply looks like it came from CVS??? It was your standard pill bottle from a drugstore sitting on her desk. I think this falls under strange oddities one notices when watching a program for the second time. I didn't notice it the first time around when I was picking my jaw up off the ground from the shock of it all. LOL!

April 2, 2005 16:52 - Critics praise Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica; Adore Season Finale

An round up of the ‘near unanimous praise’ for Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica, and for the season finale which was broadcasted last night. Here’s some excerpts from The Boston Herald:

"We said the series had the potential to be one of TV's best sci-fi outings ever, and there's little doubt it has achieved that."

"...'Battlestar' depicts something simultaneously grander and more prosaic - a glimpse of what is likely to be our actual future as a species, if we ever have to bid a disaster-threatened Earth goodbye and head to space.

There's no doubt ‘Battlestar’ will remain powerful science fiction. It's too deeply rooted in human fact."

READ FULL ARTICLE: Find All The News On Battlestar's Finale Here

April 2, 2005 21:16 - Deleted Scenes Are Up At SciFi Channel Kobol Part 2

Deleted Scenes For Kobol's Last Gleaming Part 2 Are Up

As usual and with amazing speed, the SciFi Channel has already posted tonight's episodes' deleted scenes. Just two scenes tonight.

The first scene is Billy telling the President that she's in the wrong for what she's doing in regards to Adama. He's clearly un-nerved by her assumed prophet standing. It's a good scene and I would have loved to see it in the ep. The second scene appears to be immediately following the first and is Roslin trying to convince Lee that she's right. What's interesting is that scenes both appear to have occured before Roslin convinced Kara to go back to Caprica. Hmm.

The title for the deleted scene clips is:

  • Billy Protests Roslin's Decision
  • Roslin Defends Her Decision To Lee

They can be found here: http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/episodes/season01/113/

Special thanks to: Battlestar Galactica Pre-Flight Briefing/News and Updates for the info.

April 2, 2005 21:23 - The Chicago Tribune Spoils S2

Maureen Ryan of the Tribune has a quite lengthy and very interesting interview with BSG writers Bradley Thompson and David Weedle. They are the writing team behind "Act of Contrition" and "Hand of God"- easily two of the most popular eps of S1. In it they're asked quite a few questions about S2 and while they are cryptic, some hints can be gathered so be forewarned. This however is a wonderful look behind the scenes and should not be missed if at all possible.

We know you're dying to know what happens next season, so we harassed the writers on your behalf.

SPOILER ALERT: If you continue, you'll find out about Season 2

Special thanks to: Battlestar Galactica Pre-Flight Briefing/News and Updates for the info.

April 3, 2005 02:40 - The Myth of Pythia

The Myth of Pythia Pythia (aka Sibyl, means prophet) was the name of the Greek oracle at Delphi, a priestess of the serpent Python. The Delphic Sibyl by Michelangelo. - A fresco at the Sistine Chapel.Pronunciation: sib'-ul The word Sibyl comes (via Latin)... (Read Article)

April 3, 2005 14:58 - Ron Moore's Blog Updated

What makes this show so much more than just a SciFi television series is reflected in Moore's latest blog. I've included a few paragraphs that exemplify why both mainstream as well as SciFi audiences have been transfixed by this series, why there's so many favorable write-ups and reviews for the show have been off-the-hook.

We have watched this show faithfully, taking in each issue and commenting on everything in blogs and forums at the watercoolers in our offices and at the dinner tables. It is, in many ways, mirroring of our world, a microcosmic image of a society of people on the run. And, it's fascinating.

Many of the questions being asked, apply to our real-world problems and issues. We are constantly being faced with moral and spiritual issues, and Battlestar Galactica presents them in an in-your-face hour that's both entertaining and thought-provoking. You'd need to be blind to fail to see the parallels this show presents.

Like Star Trek did in the 1960's, this show is doing in the new millenium - tackling the tough problems seen through the eyes of a people who smoke, drink, have sex, cancer and frailties just like us.

April 01, 2005

Ron Moore's Blog Entry is called "A Debate Worth Having"
There's an interesting thread on the Galactica message board here at SciFi.Com entitled: "Human Rights abuses in the Show" ...

...whether or not Kara was justified in torturing the Cylon prisoner in "Flesh and Bone" as well as some of the other practices and methods we've seen the officers of Galactica use, such as the interrogation of Valence in "Colonial Day."...

...Galactica is both mirror and prism through which to view our world....

...what Kara Thrace did to Leoben in "Flesh and Bone" was wrong.

...that a society which employs torture on the defenseless captives in its custody has crossed a bright shining line that civilized people should not cross.

...that Laura Roslin promising a man freedom only to kill him in the end is abhorrent to the ways in which I want my president to behave.

...And, in the end, I also believe that it was true to who characters really are, and that trumps everything else.

...Was it wrong for Adama to dissolve a legally constituted judicial tribunal in "Litmus" simply because he sensed it becoming a witch-hunt or was he actually protecting the larger concepts of justice?...

...Is Tyrol a fool for protecting Sharon or is he honoring the most fundamental human emotion of all -- true love?

These are the debates that I hope you have among yourselves, your families....

To gain a better understanding of Battlestar Galactica, read this entry here: http://blog.scifi.com/battlestar/

April 3, 2005 15:10 - Starbuck Fan? Get Listed in the Kara "Starbuck" Thrace Fan Listing -

The Starbuck Fan Listing Is Available Here.
If you love the character of Starbuck/Kara Thrace, this is the place to get listed. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace Fan Listing

What is a fan listing?

A fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject.

You can go over to the site that organizes and sets up the rules for fanlistings in general at http://thefanlistings.org

April 3, 2005 15:22 - Great New Color Bar by Chapstick_chick

Great Battlestar Galactica Color Bar
This is her first attempt!

Battlestar Galactica is Undying Love

Check out some of her nice icon work for Battlestar, Stargate Atlantis here: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=chapstick_chick

April 3, 2005 16:08 - BATTLESTAR GALATICA has STAR TREK to Thank For "Reinterpretation"

"BATTLESTAR's timing could not have been more perfect. Shortly after the show premiered in January, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE was canceled because of poor ratings. But BATTLESTAR producers dismiss talk that BATTLESTAR is the new TREK," writes César G. Soriano for USA Today.

"People have said it will replace the importance and attachment that people had to the TREKs in the past, but I don't want to compare and contrast," says Sci Fi Channel president Bonnie Hammer. "STAR TREK lives in the sci-fi world; BATTLESTAR GALACTICA takes a step outside of it. It's very much grounded on tough issues we deal with today."

Soriano opines that it's because of STAR TREK that producers decided to resurrect BATTLESTAR as a "reinterpretation" rather than a continuation of the original series.


April 3, 2005 19:24 - What is Sin?

100 Word drabble from Battlestar Galactica. Winning entry. (Read Article)

April 4, 2005 20:16 - Season Finale Reviews Are In

Season Finale Reviews Are In

Our thanks to Battlestar Pre-Flight Briefing for this info.

For those who like to read reviews, we have a few interesting ones to share about the shock that was the season finale. While you might locate S2 speculation within, it is unlikely you will cross actual spoilers so enjoy. Though for those who haven't yet seen the finale, please do beware because it is effectively and fully spoiled via the links below. If that be the case, please do NOT read any further down.

From TV Guide's Watercooler

Baltar's willing to stand in flames just to hold Number Six's hand? Now that is love. And I'm glad to see that the engineers in the Galactica universe employ the same timing devices on their spaceships that we enjoy on earthly TV cars. You know, the ones that blow the fuel tanks of burning vehicles after and only after ...


From Cinescape Reviews:

Not that it was unexpected, but the Sci-Fi Channel has sagely renewed Ronald D. Moore's updated BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. So, those still reeling from the shocking final moments of the finale can breathe a sigh of relief. With an elegant first part, "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 2" managed to outdo its predecessor with just the right cocktail of action, politics, and emotion. While the first part played like a waltz, with each character gracefully falling into the position required of them by the plot, the second installment followed a much more militaristic beat. The characters seemed like cogs in a machine, clicking into place for a final assortment of revelations to be revealed.


April 5, 2005 20:54 - Actresses strive to give robots a human touch

Actresses strive to give robots a human touch
By Rick Bentley
The Fresno Bee

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. --
Tricia Helfer was only 2 years old when Lindsay Wagner's "Bionic Woman" television series began in 1976.

But now the two actresses are part of a sisterhood of female sci-fi television characters over the last three decades who have been either all or part machines.

Along with Wagner's "Bionic Woman" and Helfer's Number Six on the new "Battlestar Galactica," there have been the half-human, half-Borg Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager"; Moya, the living, birthing spaceship on "Farscape"; and the androids on "Total Recall 2070."


April 5, 2005 21:05 - Battlestar Season 2 Hints Here

Battlestar Galactica Season 2 spoilers....sort of

Found this at Gateworld's Battlestar Guide about the the first two episodes of season 2 which are morehinted at that spoiled. July seems so far away. Guess I'll have to write some speculative articles to fill the gap.


April 5, 2005 21:32 - Season 1 Finale Ratings Are Great!

Thanks to the CIC for this good news......

Having already, to paraphrase Crew Chief Tryol, kicked some Cylon ass,” the Sci Fi Channel’s hit series Battlestar Galactica has continued to kick ratings ass as well, with its season finale this past Friday sending the first year of the show off in a blaze of demographics glory.


April 5, 2005 21:56 - Wesley versus Boomer

This is too funny.....

My thanks to the Battlestar Blog for this extremely funny bit of news.....

This post over at The Heinrich Show had me laughing:

Star Trek: TNG

"Lets compare the end of the season finale of BSG with Star Trek TNG."Star Trek TNG

Picard: "Good Job, Mr Crusher. You saved us all".

Welsey: "Golly Captain, thanks!"Picard affectionately rubs Wesley's head with the affection that a priest has for an altar boy.

Battlestar Galactica

Commander Adama: Good Job. Boomer, you saved us all.

"Boomer: "Thank you sir".

Boomer (a Cylon agent) swiftly unholsters her gun and pumps two bullets into Adama. Adama is knocked back and lays bleeding on the tactical table, while his handcuffed (another story) son tries to hold in his guts..."

NOW THAT is in-your-face Sci Fi." Hysterical!

April 6, 2005 22:02 - Breast Cancer and Battlestar Galactica

President Laura Roslin is diagnosed early on in the series with the deadly disease, and told that her options are few and her chances slim to none. In the midst of this personal tragedy, she is thrust into an immediate fight for her life and has to assume the mantel of presidency while keeping secret her other silent enemy. Publicly, she works with Commander Adama for the betterment of humanity as they flee Caprica; privately, she battles the betrayal of her body as the cancer spreads. Do something for yourself today, before Cylons invade and destroy your world. It's an interesting comparison to being a work-a-holic and finding out you have cancer. As you battle the enemy, you remember all the things you wanted to do, but put off doing until the time was right. Don't wait until it's too late to do something you love. (Read Article)

April 6, 2005 22:54 - NEW! Hidden Elysium: Helo-Boomer website

Thanks to Tahmoh Penniket Fan Site comes news of a new community for Helo and Boomer.

Hidden Elysium is the first LJ community for Helo and Boomer, the very frakked-up but fascinating human/cylon relationship that is, I repeat, is canon. So our shippage actually exists in Ron Moore’s mind, too ;)

Check it out today.

April 6, 2005 22:59 - Titan secures rights to new Battlestar Galactica titles

Companion Guide and magazine coming to a bookstore / newsagent near you this summer
Submitted by: Ariel
On: 06.04.2005

Titan Publishing Group has announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group for the publishing rights to the hit sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica.

The brand new series of Battlestar Galactica - a 're-imagined' version of the cult 1970s television programme, has quickly become one of the most critically acclaimed and popular sci-fi shows on television.


April 7, 2005 21:34 - HELP Battlestar Galactica Win An Emmy!

This is great! TELL EVERYONE!
HELP Battlestar Galactica Win An Emmy!

From Battlestar Blog comes this exciting news:

Would you like to see Battlestar Galactica get an Emmy? I know I would! Check out the post over at the Yahoo Group for SyFyPortal:

"When was the last time a serious science-fiction show was nominated for a major prime-time Emmy?"

"You'll have to think pretty far back ... "

"While there has been some quality television series on the air that should've at least been given a glance, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has virtually ignored genre television.

Well, fans of the new "Battlestar Galactica" series on SciFi Channel think it's time for that to end."

"Michael Hinman. founder of www.SyFyPortal.com, is organizing a campaign of "Battlestar Galactica" fans. Their goal? To get the attention of the talented men and women who help choose what shows, actors and crews will get recognized, and which ones don't."

"This group of fans will place a full-page, full-color advertisement in the May 31 edition of The Hollywood Reporter, one of the major trade publications in Hollywood. This particular issue of the publication is its special Emmy preview where studios do their best to get the attention of those who can write their name on the ballot."

Read the whole article then head over to the BSG Campaign site for more info!

They are trying to raise $8,500 to buy the ad. Help out if you can! Donations are accepted on their site via Paypal! Find out how to donate HERE

April 9, 2005 12:05 - WINNER: Scooterkitty is this week's Dradis BSG Writing Contest

This Means War
by Scooterkitty

April 9, 2005 17:03 - Tahmoh Talks About Galactica Beginnings

Our thanks to http://tahmohpenikett.blogspot.com/ for this news:

An excerpt of new interview with Tahmoh talking about filming season two has just been posted at Scipulse! It's part of a longer interview in this month's Starburst magazine (#323). Beware of SPOILERS.

Tahmoh Penikett talks to us about life as part of the revamped series’ strong ensemble, and what Season Two might hold in store for his character, Lt Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon.


April 9, 2005 18:44 - Number Six & The One, True God

Battlestar Galactica is on re-run, which to some, means an interminable wait for the next episodes to premiere. To SF Buzz, however, it is also a chance to take a more in-depth look at one of the more complex series on the air today. With only one or two viewings in the thick of the moment, it's sometimes hard to get the big picture, let alone the small details, but as we watched the re-run of "33" last night, it struck us at how much we now know and what was foreshadowed even from episode one.

We started talking about Number Six...
Number Six, from the beginning puts forth this seeming personal relationship with the one, true God and it bears consideration as it's become one of the central themes of this show. We asked the obvious question: Which God is she talking about? Machine or human - because they seem to be a little bit of both. We got, however, nowhere with that one so we moved on to where they came up with this theory from.

You can't help but draw parallels to ancient Egyptian history in that it is the pre-cursor to Christianity. Most people will say it's Christianity and stop with that, but the fact that the worshipping of one God came from within the aristocracy of Eqypt long before Christianity dawned, and was followed by a quiet rebellion against the current societal norm of the worship of many Gods is hard to ignore. It could also be that the rise of Christianity parallel is simply running it's course in this storyline. However, one of the popular theories is that our current beliefs about God came from a rebellion with ruling Egyptian society making it easier for Christianity to take hold and flourish later on. So it must be considered as part of the historical reference.

The man responsible for this is a much forgotten Pharoah.

Akhenaten was a philosopher and a thinker, much more so than his forebears. His father Amenhotep III had recognised the growing power of the priesthood of Amun and had sought to curb it - Akhenaten however took matters a lot further by introducing the new "monothesitic" cult of worship to the sun-disc Aten.

Not to dip into the Stargate mythos to heavily, but there are certain similarities.
Akhenaten, pharoh and bearer of this news was feared and ultimately hated. His likeness was struck from walls and his statues destroyed after he died. He was considered a traitor for his views, but while he ruled, he was feared and powerful. He sent his minions out to ruthlessly hunt down and kill detractors and forcibly converted many to the one God belief. One could say the same thing of the Cylons, messengers with the litany that there is only one, true God and that to disbelieve, as Number Six points out and proves to Baltar, is to run the risk of vile and horrific exposure as a traitor and an untimely death.

Major religious innovations

The major religious innovation of this reign was the worship of the sun disc Aten to the exclusion of the rest of the Egyptian gods, even Amun. Art took on a new distinctive style - the reliefs and stelae in the tombs and temples of Akenaten's reign show Akhenaten, his wife Nefertiti and the royal princesses worshipping and making offerings to the Aten, which was displayed as a sun-disc with radiating arms and hands stretched downwards The names of other deities were removed from temple walls in an attempt to reinforce the idea of the Aten as a single supreme deity. All of this made it possible for the idea of a monothesitic religion viable.

Writers consciously and subconsciously draw from many myths, legends and historical references when producing a story. Battlestar Galactica writers are no exception. This may or may not be where they got the forcing of the One God theory onto humanity came from. It's just an interesting speculation and theory. We actually know nothing about what's going on in the BSG writers' mind.

April 9, 2005 20:49 - Summary Of Katee's Turn On LVROCKS

Summary Of Katee's Turn On LVROCKS
As should be well known by now, last Wednesday Katee Sackhoff called in from her cell phone and did a fifty minute interview with Shaun of Subject2Discussion. Well unfortunately a system glich has caused the audio from that evening to have been lost but a few kind souls on the Sci-Fi.Com board were kind enough to sum up the interview. There are very minor S2 spoilers involved so if you're spoilerphobic, beware.
They talked about her work in other TV series and films. In the film Halloween: Resurrection her head was decapitated! She wanted to get the prop and mail it to her parents as a joke. The prop department said the prop was of a substance that would dissolve and she never did get the fake head. She said her parents have a great sense of humor and would have thought it a cool joke.

Thanks to Battlestar Galactica Preflight Briefing for the info

April 9, 2005 20:52 - Galactica Emmy Campaign Picked Up By Subject2Discussion

Galactica Emmy Campaign Picked Up By Subject2Discussion

S2D has joined forces with Syfy Portal and the SyUniverse Group to launch an effort to get BSG Emmy nods.

The goal is to get an ad placed in the Hollywood Reporter to help remind voters that Galactica is deserving of Emmy nominations.

Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff and on down are all very deserving of at least Emmy nominations.


April 10, 2005 12:59 - CoolText is Pretty Nice!

Well, after looking at Battlestar Blog's Galactica logo, I had some time to kill. So I tried CoolText, and here's the result. It was pretty easy, quick and fun. Takes no technical knowledge at all.

If you need a quick logo, CoolText is a good place to start.

April 10, 2005 13:14 - BSG Second Season Episode Spoilers

Battlestar Blog is filing this under Rumors for now, but Wolfpack Press appears to have the inside track on what's going to happen in the start of the second season of Battlestar Galactica. Some of it is interesting. If nothing else, it makes for a good fanfic. LOL! Our thanks to the BSG Blog-meister for the heads-up.

If you like spoilers, go here:

Wolfpack Press gives the following disclaimer so read it in the spirit that it's presented:

The writers put an awesome amount of work into these scripts. Well, I'm also a script whore. I like the whole process from beginning to end and I especially have a thing for Production Drafts. Often the shooting draft is miles from the original one. In any case, they're similar.

April 10, 2005 13:26 - Original Battlestar Galactica Guests At Vulkon Cleveland

Cleveland Sci-fi Vulkon - April 15-17 2005
Holiday Inn Independence, Independence, OH

Vulkon is pleased to announce that our confirmed guests are Jonathan Frakes, George Takei, Gary Jones, Carmen Argenziano, Richard Hatch, Greg Evigan, and just added: Special Star Wars guest - Mary Oyaya and Battlestar Galactica (1978) guest Herb Jefferson, (original Boomer). Wonder what he thinks about his updated, seriously-conflicted version of his character?


For more information & tickets online CLICK HERE

April 10, 2005 22:05 - 'Battlestar Galactica' Leads Genre Awards Field With 12 Nods

An update from the SyFy Portal site:

From SyFy Portal:

'Battlestar Galactica' Leads Genre Awards Field With 12 Nods

Author: Michael Hinman - Date: 04-10-2005
Source: SyFyPortal

Beginning April 25, for the sixth time, fans visiting SyFy Portal will be able to choose their favorites of television and the movies from the past year in the almost-annual SyFy Genre Awards.

For the past few months, a diverse nominating committee has been pouring over the dozens of actors, shows, movies, and episodes that are eligible for this year's Genre Awards. The decisions were tough, but a nominating slate is now ready.

Breaking an overall record this year is "Battlestar Galactica," which is leading the pack with 12 nominations. That includes best actor and best actress nods for Edward James Olmos (Cmdr. William Adam) and Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin). James Callis (Dr. Gaius Batlar) and Michael Hogan (Col. Saul Tigh) are competing for Best Supporting Actor. And Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), Tricia Helfer (Number Six) and Grace Park (Boomer) are all competing for Best Supporting Actress.

Way to go, Battlestar!

My thanks to: Puddle Jumper, SGA for the information.

April 11, 2005 21:39 - More Info On The Mini Trading Cards

From the Battlestar Galactica Preflight Briefing is more news about the Trading Cards.

As was previously reported, Rittenhouse is publishing a set of 72 trading cards in honor of the BSG mini. Well now we have a few more details to show and we can also report that it is now available for pre-order.

This 72-card series will cover the four-hour mini series that started it all.

Inserts are to include:

  • 9 Quotable Battlestar Galactica Inserts (1:10 Packs)
  • 9 Cylon Threat Inserts (1:20 Packs)
  • 9 Roll Call Inserts (1:40 Packs)
  • 9 Costume Cards (1:40 Packs) including
  • Jamie Bamber "Captain Lee 'Apollo' Adama"
  • Edward James Olmos "Commander William Adama"
  • Katee Sackhoff "Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace"
  • Tricia Helfer "Number Six"
  • Grace Park "Lt. Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii"
  • Michael Hogan "Colonel Paul Tigh"

14 Autograph Cards (1:40 Packs) including

  • Katee Sackhoff "Lt. Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace"
  • Tricia Helfer "Number Six"
  • Michael Hogan "Colonel Paul Tigh"
  • Aaron Douglas "Chief Petty Officer Tyrol"
  • Paul Campbell "Billy Keikeya"
  • Connor Widdows "Boxey"
  • Kandyse McClure "Petty Officer Dualla"
  • Lorena Gale "Priest Elosha"
  • Barclay Hope "Transport Pilot"
  • Ryan Robbins "Armistice Officer"
    Ty Olsson "Captain Kelly"
  • Matthew Bennett "Aaron Doral"
  • Nicki Clyne "Cally"
  • Alessandro Juliani "Lt. Gaeta"

Information can be found here:

April 11, 2005 21:50 - Top TEN SciFi Channel Shows

From SciFi Wire:

Top TEN SciFi Channel Shows


  1. Stargate SG-1 - 2.4 - "Moebius - Part 1"
  2. Alien Apocalypse - 2.3
  3. Battlestar Galactica - 2.2
  4. Stargate Atlantis - 2.2 - "The Siege - Part 2"
  5. Target Earth - 1.2
  6. Army of Darkness - 1.2
  7. Terminal Invasion - 1.1
  8. Ripley's - 1.0
  9. Indy and the Last Crusade - 1.0
  10. Primal Force -1.0

Source: Nielsen Galaxy Report, 3/21/05 - 3/27/05

Argh..... beaten by Alien Apocolypse. That's hard to believe! LOL

April 11, 2005 22:04 - WINNER: Of Dreams and Vipers

Here is this week's winner of the Dradis 99+1 Battlestar Galactica Fanfiction contest.

Of Dreams and Vipers
Author - Larry Edwards
Pairing - Lee Adama / Kara ThraceRating - PG-13
Archiving - BSG 2003, Apollo/Starbuck Fan Fic, all other's please ask
Author's Note – 100 word challenge for Dradis –
Word: Shot
Spoilers - None
Author Contact - l.edwards@gci.net

Disclaimers- Battlestar Galactica and its characters are the propertyof someone much richer than me and I don't make money from thesestories so please don't sue.

Summary- Some dreams are better than others.

"Take the damn shot!" Captain Adama growled as the Cylon Raider flipped plunging towards the fleet. Starbuck's Viper spun behind the enemy. Red flames flickered from its gun ports. The rounds found their mark shattering the Raider.

On the flight deck as an angry Lieutenant Thrace opened her mouth to tear into Lee she noticed his shocked face and looked down.

"Frak!" Starbuck awoke startled, but soon forced herself back to sleep. Back on the flight deck, she looked down – she was dressed.

Looking up, she saw Apollo patiently waiting for her… naked. "Much better," Kara purred walking towards Lee.

This week's word is: blue.

Deadline for submission is: Saturday night at 11:59 p.m. Send via email to: sciencefictionbuzz@gmail.com
For rules go here:http://www.dradis.net

April 12, 2005 22:04 - Another BSG night on S2D this Wednesday!

Thanks to Battlestar Blog for this info:

Subject To Discussion continues to bring us Battlestar Galactica themed content with:

  • MaryAnn T Beverly the webmistress for Edward James Olmos
  • Maureen Ryan one of the television writers for the Chicago Tribune bringing us news of next season's BSG

Tune in on Wednesday, April 14th.

FYI: The program is now archived over at Spankwagon.net under archives look for Subject 2 Discussion.

April 14, 2005 21:51 - Battlestar Galactica Begins Season II Production<

The Hollywood North Reporter as a piece this morning which gives a few details about season two with some mild spoilers and some filming updates. As usual, the spoilerphobic should beware.

Battlestar Galactica Begins Season II Production

Battlestar Galactica began shooting episode one from its second season here in Vancouver today, despite a rather cold, wet April day. Episode one is entitled “Scattered,” and picks up directly where the events at the end of season one leave off.

The entire cast has returned, and Richard Hatch will reprise his role as Tom Zarek for at least two episodes this season, and quite possibly more. Hatch is expected to be in town to shoot his first episode sometime in May or June. ..


April 16, 2005 10:29 - Season Two Fan video

The Tahmoh Penikett blog has listed a fun, fan video created by Sarabell05:

It's a mini-vid to basically promote season two but it's got clips from almost all of the eps from season one.

Check it out here: Season 2 Video

April 16, 2005 16:06 - Sackhoff On Cyberline

Tonight, April 16, 2005, Katee Sackhoff is due to call into a radio talkshow known as Cyberline. It's hosted by Mick Williams. It airs between 9PM and 12AM CDT. You can find out more here:

Find it here: Cyberline

Thanks to: Battlestar Galactica Preflight Briefing & Newsfor the info.

April 16, 2005 22:07 - Ron Moore on bringing Sci-Fi into the 21st Century with Battlestar Galactica

The latest issue of the UK’s SFX Magazine includes an interview with Battlestar Galactica Executive Producer Ron Moore, who comments on the mini-series and the first five episodes of Season 1, as well as the production team’s approach to creating the show:

"We took a different approach with the material. We set out with a different aesthetic that portrays this world in a non-glitzy fashion. We don’t run afoul of the silly factor. We don’t do space hair, we don’t do space clothes. Our ships are recognisable to the audience. We’re not trying to get them over the hump of what a chair looks like. We don’t have any of that kind of stuff."


April 17, 2005 19:59 - Galactica Guns

My thanks to the Battlestar Blog for this information:

Hell in a Handbasket has info about some of the weapon props used on Battlestar Galactica:

"The Sci Fi Channel has been showing the new Battlestar:Galactica series. Some of the guns shown are either non-functioning props or existing handguns with extra crap bolted on to disguise their pedestrian nature. A good example of this are the sidearms that the pilots use while on a mission. They appear to fire some sort of armor piercing high explosive round that's fully capable of taking down a Cylon battle droid. (All photos from the series courtesy of GateWorld.net.)"

April 21, 2005 19:52 - Starbuck's The Favorite On BSG!

Well, after a really lousy week, in which my body decided to conspire to make my life miserable, I have gone back to a bit of light surfing for Battlestar Galactica news. Expect more over the next few days, as I regain my health and sanity. In the meantime, I came upon this bit of news and thought I'd post it....

Number 5 on the MAB Favorite Character Results has the results for Battlestar Galactica. It comes as no real surprise but it's newsworthy nonetheless:

Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck played by Katee Sackhoff did what no other woman could have done - replaced Dirk Benedict as Lt. Starbuck. She has a slow, easy smile that puts Dirk's to shame and I'd rather see her lips wrapped around a ...cigar than his any day. She's also a ticking timebomb with ANGST and ISSUES.


April 23, 2005 13:53 - Hints Of Future 'Battlestar Galactica' Episodes Hit Net

From SyFyPortal:

Author: Michael Hinman
Date: 04-22-2005
Source: GateWorld

The following story contains MODERATE SPOILERS for the first part of "Battlestar Galactica's" second season.

Thank goodness there's a second season of "Battlestar Galactica" coming to SciFi Channel. Otherwise, there would be a lot of questions unanswered. But fans hoping that many of those questions will be answered in the first few episodes of the second season will be disappointed.

GateWorld has released some tidbits from the first five episodes of "Battlestar Galactica's" second season, which Hollywood North Report's Jim Iaccino said he confirmed as being accurate. They include near-death experiences, a Cylon invasion, and an almost "Earth: Final Conflict"-like human resistance.

In the first episode, "Scattered," doctors continue to work on Cmdr. William Adama (Edward James Olmos), who was shot in the first season finale by Boomer (Grace Park). The Galactica herself is separated from the fleet, and as Boomer is exposed as a Cylon, suspicion of other high-ranking members become rampant.


April 25, 2005 16:31 - New Blog from Ron Moore

Our thanks to the CIC for this information.

Production Update, Q & A
We've almost completed shooting the opening of Season Two, with Michael Rymer back at the helm filming a two-parter written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson called "Scattered" and "Valley of Darkness." Things have been going well so far, with a good mood on the set and a feeling of satisfaction and pride running through the whole team at their accomplishments in year one and anticipation for year two. I'm in Los Angeles at the moment, but I'm shuttling back and forth between here and there once again.


April 26, 2005 10:48 - Congratulations.......


Our congratulations to the Unofficial Blogmeister on his new addition to his family. Always a happy occasion to be sure, he's now the proud father of a baby girl, Hannah. Many happy returns to you and your family.

April 29, 2005 15:44 - BSG Characters At Upcoming Conventions

The Scifi Channel event calendar is showing two conventions that will have appearences by BSG cast members.

Wizard World Philadelphia
6/3/2005 - 6/5/2005
Tricia Helfer set to appear
See the event details

Starfest 2005
4/29/2005 - 5/1/2005
Grace park added to guest list as of 4/26!
See the event details

Well, the one with Tricia Helfer is in my backyard since I live in Philadelphia, so expect a convention review and a few cheesy photos. LOL!

Thanks to: Battlestar Blog for this bit of convention news.

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