What is Sin?

Word of the Week: Sin

Winner: Haeng Bok

Characters: Boomer-Baltar
Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Disclaimer - Battlestar Galactica is owned by the people who own it and not by me. Please don't bother suing. I am judgment-proof. I have nothing. Happy reading.

Please, take me God.

Lt. Sharon Valerii stared into the barrel of her gun.

She never prayed to the Lords of Kobol. Her heart knew only one God. When had she lost faith in the truth everyone believed?

Sharon shoved the gun into her mouth. Her tongue tasted cold steel, like a first, hesitant kiss.

Baltar's test proved her human. She wanted to believe.

When she slept, sin danced behind her eyes.

Lost love.Pain. Death. She wanted to believe her dreams lied.

Her hands shook.

Was it sin to take your own life?

Would death erase sin?

She prayed.


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