Major Spoiler for BSG Episode 212
What Happens to President Laura Roslin?

Tonight on Shaunomac's Subject2Discussion show at lvrocks, a major spoiler was revealed concerning Laura Roslin's fate on the new Battlestar Galactica series.

In Episode 212, airing right after 211 where Cain's fate is sealed, President Roslin is close to the point of death from her cancer. But Dr. Gaius Baltar saves her by taking stem cells from Caprica-Boomer's unborn child. Maybe Roslin will stop trying to toss the Caprica-Boomer out of the airlock now.

So the next question hast to logically be if Laura isn't the leader dying from a wasting disease who will lead the masses to Earth, then who's our next unlucky candidate? Commander Adama, Tom Zarek, maybe Tigh of liver disease?

Whatever the outcome, it will be very interesting to see which way the Battlestar flies. Soap-opera at its grim, tight-gripped, steely best.

Source: lvrocks


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