Battlestar Galactica Reviews

Battlestar Galactica reviews will be added as the season progresses, simply our opinions and observations about what's going on in the episodes. We'll have episode recaplets when possible, and general observations of various characters that we find on the net.

2.11 Resurrection Ship, Part 1

“Pegasus” left off with hints of a possible civil war between Cain and Adama, and as the title of the episode indicates, resolving that situation required more than a single episode. I consider that to be another indication of the series’ depth. As Ron Moore continually notes in his podcast commentaries, the episodes almost always run long, because any given situation presents the writes with a ton of character-driven moments worthy of attention.

2.10 Pegasus
I said it before, and I’ll say it again: I truly despise this “summer finale” business that the SciFi Channel consistently shoves down our collective throats. It forces the producers and writers to segment their season arcs in a way that doesn’t always fit the traditional three-act story structure that those arcs are built around. When the writers force it, it doesn’t work very well; “Stargate: Atlantis” is a good example. This series, however, took the opportunity to touch on the original series (thematically, anyway) while taking advantage of the fact that the first season arcs came to a relative conclusion.

Home, Part II
Imagine this scenario: four guys plotting the reconciliation of the fleet in a darkened strategy room over maps and tracts of Pythia. We only needed cigar smoke....

Home, Part I
So now that all the early season plot threads are coming together, there’s too much story for just one episode. The result is a two-part story that slowly but surely triggers all the little plot elements that have been waiting for their time to shine. Since this is the first half of the story, there’s not a lot of action, and the focus is on character development. That’s not a bad thing; it’s simply not as exciting as the last few episodes before it.....

In other words, who did what to whom? Well, it was another non-stop,crazy episode of Battlestar Galactica. It was, of course, expected. In an effort to put it into some kind of perspective, I wrote this roadmap and scorecard.

Adama continues to live, barely - unconscious and breathing on a ventilator. Doc Cottle finally turns up, grouchy, grisly and grim with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and shouting orders. He takes over in that "Don't Frak With Me" way that we've come to expect from Galactica. READ MORE HERE

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