TV Guides: Battlestar Galactica - The Hand of God Review

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Battlestar Galactica - The Hand of God Review

OK, anybody else catching hints of heat between Starbuck and Adama? Weird, I know, but I'm just putting it out there.

But speaking of those two, I'm not much for the new math, but how much weight is the force required to move a Viper thruster pedal supposed to be? Cause it looked like Adama put about 1,500 lbs. on that leg machine, so I'm thinking Steve Austin's the only guy to fly that mission or maybe David Banner if he were really p----ed. Too add those guys were on other shows, and.... oh, man -- I really didn't need to hear the splash of Cylon Boomer's vomit.

As for Adama and Apollo's father-son moment, why am I such a sucker for bagpipes? I waws raised a nice Jewish boy, for cryin' out loud. And now that mention religion...just when I thought Baltar couldn't get any wakier, he things he's go God on his side. Oy.

Anyway, here's a textbook case for good sci-fi; CGI and effects don't count for anything without a solid story and characters you care about (here that, GL?) Whis is why this episode worked really, really well.

Well done,SciFi. - MP


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