What is the CIC on Galactica?


(credit: Sci-Fi Channel)

This is the nerve center of a battlestar. Located in the heart of the ship, close to where the "alligator head" of the main main hull meets the midships section, CIC is the point from which a battlestar is not only commanded, but also where her offensive / defence operations are monitored and directed.

The CIC is a very large, multi-level complex spanning two decks within a battlestar.

The lower deck provides:
Commander's command & control station: featuring a table with a range of monitors that can descend from a ceiling recess when required, or which can be retracted to give the Commander an unimpeded view of the entire CIC
Main plot table: located a few feet away from the Commander's station, thise features a main plotting table, supported by vertical glass plot boards which can be used to record a battlestar's relative position, and the position of any planetary bodies or other vessels in the vicinity of the battlestar.

  • Flight control systems: operated by by two helmsmen controlling the fore and aft thrusters as well as the sublight drive engines
  • FTL jump systems control
  • Navigation control
  • Main communications centre
  • Ship's sensors and monitors

Command Information Center (credit: Sci-Fi Channel)These are supported by additional facilities including: damage control; environmental control; primary control of all major shipboard systems, etc.

The upper deck of the CIC contains further monitoring station, and possible redundancy for the main stations in the lower deck.

Special thanks to: Battlestar Wiki, the free, open-content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide for this information.

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