The Mathuzalem Factor

by Stephanie Perez

This is an announcement for one of the most original Scifi/Supernatural Fantasy novels of all time. The novel is called "The Mathuzalem Factor" and focuses on the dark life of the man called Mathuzalem.

But unlike its counterparts that place Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, and Aliens as the most fearsome creatures on the planet; " The Mathuzalem Factor " dares to look at such creatures for what they truly are - just the Sideshow in the Great Human Circus. And to find the true monster, you only need to look in the mirror and call his name:......Man.

Creation has anointed us as the dominant species, and Evolution will insure that this comes to pass. But on the day that we take our place among the Heavens, turn out the Light, and give God his eviction notice - exactly what kind of monster will we become. Or worse, what kind of monsters will we have to face.

Mathuzalem, that monster. And he's the good guy. It's what's waiting in the dark that scares the piss out of him. And I'm not talking about Lucifer or any of his scabby little friends.

Mankind will evolve, and we will become exactly what they want us to be: they'll make sure of it. And when we do: we die. Unless Mathuzalem can stop it. No matter how badly we seem to embrace it.

The Mathuzalem Factor is a wonderful ride that doesn't take place in the shadows of suburban America or some backwoods foreign country. It takes place in the heart of the Empire city itself, New York, and is a fast paced, kick ass, don't give a damn Dark Urban Fantasy with lots of swagger.

Visit the website at for more information and an exert from the book.

Or go to (ISBN# 13:978-1456514808) to order a copy. Or visit to order. There's also a cool book trailer on the website. Definitely check that out.

Trust me people, this story is worth the time and money. Oh! It's also available in E-Book for all the Tec heads. Just pull up the Mathuzalem factor and follow the link.

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