The Flying Bullet Update # 1

by Chris Love
(Huntsville, Alabama)




The reason I write and produce stories featuring black characters is because there are very little heroes in mainstream media that look like African-Americans. So I am creating a film called "The Flying Bullet: Peril of the Phoenix Planet" which will be a SCI-FI adventure film dealing with a Tuskegee Airman being transported millions of mile away from Earth in 1943. This film is a 100% science fiction story. I took the rich history of African-Americans and combined it with the science fiction genre. The story deals with the struggles of African-Americans to be counted as full citizens of the United States in defense of their country during WWII. Curt Master soon discovers that the planet Earth is entangled in a bigger intergalactic struggle to remain free from a nefarious Warlord.
This film is an live action homage to the 1950s Sci-Fi movies like 1951’s “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” and 1960’s Assignment: Outer Space which explored Race and Human Understanding in a science fiction setting. Also the short comic story “Judgement Day,” by Al Feinstein and Joe Orlando in 1953’s Weird Fantasy #18 which dealt with prejudice in a robotic society.

Running Time: 45min to 60min
Release Date: August 02 2011
DVD will include film, Commentary by Production Team and the Web Comic “Rise of the Talented Tenth”
Rough sketches

Chris Love as Curt Masters/ The Flying Bullet
Lisa Lawler as Aliena
Directed by Juron Isabelle
Art Direction by Kurt Hamilton
Written and Produced by Chris Love

Contact information:
Christopher Love
Huntsville, Alabama

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