The Chronicles of Dreamland Inc. (Epoch 1)

by Hugh Mason

"In 1962 the secret Government agency Dreamland Inc.
successfully captured the thoughts and mind of a killer.
They called this weapon EPOCH 1"

Our brief tagline really can't encompass all of the elements we are combining into this sci fi story.

With a technology never before seen in 1962 USA, the cold war was rife for Gov't run agencies.
Dreamland Inc was a rumor that actually existed and we are ready to share the stories, their 'Chronicles'.

We are a movie production studio, combining our respective talents into our first collaborative screenplay that features science fiction (with fact thrown in for authenticity) and thrilling drama.

Venturing into the steampunk world (we feel so many other films have never really explored fully) this original and unique story shows us a world that either exists, or it is a parallel world responsible for our history as we know it, while manipulating our future.

Along with producing this film and subsequent sequels, we also have the resources available to move into the Graphic Novel market.

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Jun 25, 2012
Update information
by: think 1

Since the first post we have revisited the title etc.
Please visit our website for more:

We look forward to your comments and support.

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