The Alien Ambassador

by Christopher Love
(Huntsville, Alabama, USA)

This is a note regarding a sci-fi independent film I am producing called the THE ALIEN AMBASSADOR. This film is produced for the young black boy and girl who do not see themselves in mainstream sci-fi movies and TV shows. But most of all this film is for everyone who dreams on going on far flung adventures into outer space and the depths of human imagination.

This is my first Film. I’ve written two books so far. The first one called Heroes like Me# 1: The Talented Tenth Returns. The second is called “This Time Tomorrow,” a story about the Civil War adventures of John Henry, The steel driven man.

I am writing you since I am a fan of your website and I also want to share this story with your readers. If you have any questions please email me at

I have attached a brief synopsis and YouTube link below.
Thank You,
Chris Love

This is the trailer for the SCI-FI adventure called THE ALIEN AMBASSADOR. Twelve year old, Nathan Turner never dreamt that his science teacher is an alien scout from another planet. His mission is to find a new home for his people when there sun went supernova. The alien has a change of heart and enlists the aid of Nathan in order to protect Earth from invasion. This film will be released in November 2011. Go to for more information. Produced by Heroes Like Me Entertainment, written and directed by Chris Love.

YouTube Video

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