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Support our website in small ways. Websites aren't free, at least not the good ones. It costs money to maintain a server and a network connection. Some "free" web hosting companies get paid by forcing ads through to the browser. I really don't like that, so we have our own server and connection. But that costs money, and our "product" doesn't generate the revenue on its own to pay for it.

How can you help?

Well, there are a few ways. The easiest is to buy stuff from through our links. By clicking on the logo or any of the items listed anywhere on our website, you can purchase stuff just as you would normally from, and we'll get a commission. Note that this does NOT affect the price you would pay - it would be the same whether you went there directly or came through here first. So, any time you need to order a book or music or whatever, you can swing through here and help us out.

For convenience, the ad will take you directly to one item that you're interested in or the ad will "suggest" items available based on what others who have bought through our links have purchased.

You might find something you didn't know was available...

Visit our ShopAmazon sections for merchandise from various science fiction genres.

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Other ads appearing on our website

All other advertising that appears on our website also supports the cause, and it costs you nothing to use.

We went this way because we felt it's a win-win situation for all involved. We also didn't drop advertising everywhere, because while we want to keep the site going, we didn't want to take away from "fun" of the site. I have visited websites where I've been blinded by the advertising, and I wanted to avoid that for the Buzz.

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You can also support us by making a direct donation to our "Donate A Dollar" campaign that will help keep our website going. If you like what we're doing, donate a buck from time to time. That's it. Use the paypal button below. I've included a United State (Donate $1.00) and a non-US (only donate something equivalent to one dollar) button from Paypal to make it easy.

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And last, but certainly not least...

Support Breast Cancer Research

Note: Men get Breast Cancer, too.

Having recently survived a deadly dance with Breast Cancer, I started this website as a haven of fun and totally non-serious entertainment for people under stress from life, as well as a stop-off point for those of you lucky enough to just like the website.

I am a breast cancer survivor, so whenever I ask for donations, I would be remise in not typing a paragraph or two about taking care of yourself and paying attention to your body and making a small donation (if you can) to helping end this deadly disease.

Examine yourself on a monthly basis. Go here to find out how. Breast Cancer Self Examination in 5 Easy Steps

If you think you've found something, don't panic. Call you doctor and be clear that you have a lump in your breast (and don't do like I did and run to your gynecologist. They will only send you on to the Breast Cancer center)

Here's where you can get some more info on what's going on with your body. What are the symptoms?

Make A Donation (if you are able) Make A Donation

Knowledge Is Power!

Online Guides to Dealing With Breast Cancer
Right-click on the links and select "Save Target As" from the menu to save the PDFs to your computer.

If you are battling cancer and would like to correspond, please feel free to email or IM me.

Judy Brandy
AOL IM: Zaahn

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