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Ex Deus Machina
Stargate SG-1 Episode Review After the recent Ori-centric episodes, a return to concerns like The Trust and the Goa’uld is actually a little bit of a slowdown. At least, that’s how I felt about it. The writers had already tossed about a dozen plot elements into the season arc, and now that we’re a third of the way in, it seems overkill to slip in this new aspect of Ba’al and his growing control over the human economy.

Citizen Joe
This series of Stargate episode reviews starts with "Citizen Joe" an episode that could easily be considered a filler episode. Directed by Andy Mikita, this entry offers up a range of previous episode clips using a technique that is a bit different than the standard waltz-through-our-memory routine often seen in television series. Rather, it uses devices available from the mythology of the show itself to allow the clips to be shown, by constructing a situation in which an ordinary citizen – in this case, an Indiana barber named Joe Spencer – is allowed to mentally “see” many of the situations and events that SG-1 has been. READ FULL REVIEW HERE

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