Stargate Atlantis Reviews

Season Two

Stargate Atlantis reviews will be added as the season progresses, simply our opinions and observations about what's going on in the episodes. We'll have episode recaplets when possible, and general observations of various characters that we find on the net just like we're doing for other science fiction series.

2.9: Aurora
Compared to its parent series, “Atlantis” has been struggling to find its direction this season. Some plot threads have been introduced that will continue to play out over the course of the season, but the strength of the first season arc has given way to something less well defined. The result has been a hit-or-miss season thus far, and this episode is another example.

2.8: Conversion
This was one of those episodes were I’m strongly tempted to throw something hard at the TV, in the irrational hope that it will somehow smack the writers upside the head in the process. They had us (meaning, my wife and I) grumbling for half the episode, waiting for them to just get to the incredibly predictable final act already.

2.7: Instinct
After the character development in the previous epsiode, the writers seem to have slipped into less-complicated territory this time around. At first, I thought it was just an example of measured pacing. The story seemed rather simple, so some stylistic progression was certainly in order. Unfortunately, it never really took hold, and the episode just never seemed to want to go anywhere. Most of the plot twists were highly predictable, and while the producers promised an in-depth look at the development of a young Wraith, it didn’t go very deeply into the topic.

2.6: Trinity
Considering how much time I’ve spent complaining about the emphasis on McKay since the beginning of the season, some might have been expecting to hear an echo this week (assuming anyone is actually expecting anything from me…LOL!). But I’m going to cut against my own grain here and actually give this one a qualified thumbs up. Surprising, no?

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