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We love the show, Stargate Atlantis, and decided to put up some polls to allow our readership to express their opinions on a variety of topics.

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Poll Results: Who Is The Hottest Woman on Stargate Atlantis?

A really nice pollster reminded me that I had neglected to get the poll results up for the Redone "Who Is The Hottest Woman Poll" that was recently ran. This had a more realistic showing of voters, and not voters who hit the polls multiple times, and the results are shown below:

Poll #4 Results: Who is the hottest man on Stargate Atlantis?

I have to admit that this was another hotly contested poll with Col. Sheppard starting out in the lead, and Rodney McKay gradually taking over the first position as the week progressed. Again, many folks voted (some more than once), and in the end, Dr. Rodney McKay was deemed "hottest male". I have to admit after watching the thoroughly enjoyable episode of Atlantis the other night, David Hewlett plays this character for all its worth.

Congratulations to all you die-hard Rodney McKay fans out there. You did your character proud.

Poll #3: Who does Major Sheppard Have Romantic Feelings For?

This had to be the most hottest polls we've ever run. Being used to getting 100-200 votes per poll, we have been astounded to receive over 6000 votes. We didn't realize that there was such strong feelings on both sides of the aisle on this point. We have included the poll results, and will be rerunning it in a couple weeks as well to give everyone a chance to vote. We were using a small polling place, and had to move up to a larger operation to accomodate this poll.

Special Thanks: Our special thanks to Morjana of the Fans of Joe Flanigan, Richard Dean Anderson fans & SG-1 Spoilergate for advertising our poll all over. These are three really cool groups which I stumbled into by accident, but am sure glad that I did. Check them out!

Poll #2 Results: Rank Episode 1 of Stargate Atlantis

Results from Stargate Atlantis Poll #1
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