Stargate Atlantis News for Monday, July 17, 2006

Included in this update:
Spoilers for Common Ground from Starburst magazine

Quote from the interview with Joe Flanigan:

--Flanigan speaks with great enthusiasm about a third season Atlantis episode he recently shot called Common Ground. "As soon as I read the script I loved it," says the actor. "Chris Heyerdahl (Halling) plays a very cool Wraith. His character and mine are stuck in prison together and in order to survive he has to slowly suck the life out of Sheppard."

Later in the interview, the magazine has a small article entitled "Acting His Age". Exerpt to follow:

--Flanigan had to undergo a fairly complicated make-up process prior to filming some of his scenes for Common Ground. "This was the second time on Atlantis I've done prosthetics, and in this particular story my character goes from his present age all the way up to 65 or 75," says the actor. "It's a very unflattering portrait as well. By that I mean not only does Sheppard look 65 or 75, but he looks like a drug-addicted 65 or 75 because he's having the life sucked out of him by a Wraith." laughs Flanigan.

So, fellow Atlantis Advocates and Sheppard Lovers - how is he going to get back to the age he's supposed to be? Does Beckett have a magic potion? So far, we've seen nothing to suggest that Wraith-induced old age is reversible...

Our thanks to Carol from the sheppardandweir Yahoo group for this spoiler.

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