Stargate Atlantis News for Wednesday, June 27, 2006

Here's the Stargate Atlantis news for today:
  • Arizona Central
  • 64 Ronan Dex icons
  • New Joe Flanigan group
  • Stargate Atlantis - On-set Exclusive with Joe Flanigan!
  • Nice Joe Flanigan Wallpapers

Arizona Central:


It's poised to become a leader in the online video gaming industry, but first Mesa's Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has to get a product on the market.

That's not easy.

Working on Stargate Worlds takes years of preparation and planning, going back and forth with executives at MGM Studios, which distributed the 1994 film Stargate, and the production company in charge of the sci-fi TV series and spinoffs

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Ronan Dex icons - 64 New Ones
If you like Jason Mamoa as Ronan Dex, you will be in heaven with these choice icons. 64 icons from the Season 3 photos of Dex! They are all of Ronon Dex, and feel free to use any of them you like.

Let the author know if you have a favorite! Find them here.

New Joe Flanigan Yahoo Group
If you like Joe and would like to meet with others of like mind, here's a new Yahoo Group that fits the bill. Check it out here.

The official link:

Stargate Atlantis - On-set Exclusive!
Joe Flanigan (Lt. Col John Sheppard), on the upcoming third season, new battles with the Wraith and why he doesnÂ’t like piloting the puddle-jumper! Find out more here.

Our thanks to Elyse for the information:

Some great Yahool lists to join from Elyse include:

Nice Joe Flanigan Wallpapers
My personal favorite is the Postcards from Pegasus. Very nice work. Find them here.

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