Stargate Atlantis News for Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here is the news for Stargate Atlantis for Tuesday, June 20, 2006:
Tiny Spoiler for Atlantis episode, Sunday.
David Hewlett Shots from the Campbells

Atlantis Episode Spoiler
Episode 3.14 - Sunday: It's Sunday on Atlantis, and most personnel should have the day off, but a lot of them are working anyway. Beckett want to go fishing. Zelenka is playing chess. Sheppard and Ronon try golfing. A new scientist asks Weir to lunch. Then a bsomb gsoes off while Teyla is walking somewhere.

Hm, wonder where the heck Rodney is? Oh wait, the lab! ;)

David Hewlett Shots from the Campbells
Check out

for newly loaded images of David from the old Canadian series THE CAMPBELLS.

Thanks to Elyse for this tiny spoiler.

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