Stargate Atlantis News for Friday, June 16, 2006

Here's the news for Stargate Atlantis for Friday, June 16, 2006:
  • New Movie Captures on Torri Higginson Info Page
  • New Screencaps at Joe Flanigan website
  • David Hewlett Photos
  • The AncientWars Online
  • Sharepod - a cool iPod utility
  • From the Flick Filosopher<

New Movie Captures on Torri Higginson Info Page
There are new screen captures from the 2001 movie, "Turning Paige" now available on the Torri site. Some are quite nice and if you're into making icons with different Torri poses beyond SGA, this is the place to get them.

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New Screencaps at Joe Flanigan website.

There are a ot of new screencaps added in the "TV Series" and "Movies" galleries:

- Screencaps of all 13 First Monday episodes.
- Screencaps from Celebrity Sports Invitational.

- Screencaps from The First to Go by Pooh.
- Screencaps from Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan.

Find it here.

David Hewlett Photos
The David Hewlett fansite has put up two photos from A DOG's BREAKFAST, David Hewlett's indie film with Paul McGillion, etc. They're available here.

The AncientWars Online

The time is Three million years ago. Located in a place that is known as "The Pegasus Galaxy". The ancestors of mankind are locked in a battle of survival. Three races threaten the completion of the Humans Misson: The Wraith, The Athosians and the Genumati. Prehistory is ready to be rewritten! Take your Actions carefully to dictate the future of The Pegaus Galaxy!

The link to the MMORPG is:

Sharepod - a cool ipod app
Thomas Reynolds, the machinima guru of St Kilda, pointed me today at a very cool little app for your ipod called Sharepod which, judging by the URL, comes out of New Zealand. Damn those kiwis! It isn't enough that they made Claybourne? Anyway, Sharepod sits on your iPod and makes it very easy to jack your ipod into your mate's PC and move files from your iPod to the PC and vice versa. Exactly what Apple DON'T want you to do. You can bet a future iPod update will try to kill this little puppy but, until then, enjoy. Sharepodis free.

From the Flick Filosopher


The Stargates will return to Sci Fi Fridays next month, but till then, if you 1) acknowledge that David Hewlett’s snarky and arrogant Dr. Rodney McKay is the best thing about Stargate Atlantis, and 2) need a geeky Hewlett fix, then you’ve gotta check out the 2003 Canadian film Nothing, from Vincenzo Natali, the guy who made the seriously freaky Cube. I’m tempted to say as close to nothing about Nothing as possible, because it’s freaky in a way similar to Cube (though not at all gory), which is to say that it is more disturbing, and in the case of Nothing, more funny, the less you know in advance.

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