Stargate Atlantis News for June 7, 2006

Here's what's hot in the Stargate Atlantis realm for Wednesday, June 7,2006: Abydos Atlantis RSS Feed Moved; Send Postcards To David Hewlett; New Stargate Atlantis team video

Abydos Atlantis RSS Feed Moved
The Abydos Atlantis RSS feed that covers all the Atlantis cast sites and all their updates, has been moved to Please update your feed readers.

Send Postcards To David Hewlett (June 5-10)
Would anyone like to help out in the "Send David Hewlett A Postcard" project. All it will say is the following:

David Hewlett, how are you so awesome?

That, if you don't know, is a quote from Martin Gero that appeared on the Season One commentaries, and it just... it's so incredibly apt, I can hardly believe it. And honestly, wouldn't you love it if you got, like, fifty or so postcards from all over the world in the same week, all telling you how awesome you are? I know I would.

  • Your postcard(s) can be of anything you like - though, please, use common sense and keep it tasteful (read: no porn). If you'd like to find a postcard that's representative of your state/region/country, or even make your own homemade postcard, that'd be nifty!
  • For the message, you should write or type ONLY the following: David Hewlett, how are you so awesome? Don't include anything else; no names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Anytime during the week of June 5-10, 2006**, mail your postcard(s) - with the proper postage - to the following address:

David Hewlett
Stargate Atlantis
c/o Bridge Studios
2400 Boundary Road
Burnaby, British Columbia
V5M 3Z3

New Stargate Atlantis team video added to Bounty's site on Abydos
Stargate Atlantis: "Beer For My Horses"

Atlantis Team vid

Song by Toby Keith

The Pegasus Galaxy is a dangerous place.... the Wraith don't stand a chance.

Picardo and Trinneer are back
Robert Picardo is Woolsey and Connor Trinneer is Michael in third season Stargate Atlantis episode "Misbegotten," airing July 21 on SCI FI. (Jun 03)

Can we ever get enough Caps?
Find more here.

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