sci-fi comedy Hellacious Acres gets PANTIES exposed in Ta�wan newspaper! (the film)

by Pat Tremblay

This is a simple update to tell you that my sci-fi comedy feature film entitled Hellacious Acres : The Case of John Glass has finally finished its European festival tour, which ended in Taiwan in early November.

One story you might have missed is the following. I'd thought I'd share because it's a funny one!

For anybody who doesn't know yet, one promo item I handmade to give out to female fans of of the film, were pairs of Hellacious Acres panties.... (men get t-shirts). I got surprised when, for the first screening in Taiwan, alot of women from the audience wanted to get the single pair I was offering...! The famous and well known paper "The Liberty Times" got a hold of the scoop and the news made it in print! Apparently, this newspaper never goes for unknowns, let alone film directors, focusing instead on big celebrities, according to my sources. So, what do you know, just as I was on the verge of saying goodbye to the very generous, courteous and lovable Kaohsiung crew, the festival director gets a phone call about it... A couple of minutes later, Paul got to a local store and got me a fresh copy of the paper...! You can see the whole thing right here:!!!

I'm pictured with the winner.

The Official Website has also been revamped, with also the addition of a PRESS page, which you can consult to view many links leading to festival pages, interviews and complete reviews.

Thanks for taking a look and support the movie! DVD release looking to be in the first quarter of 2012 via Bloody Disgusting Selects.

Pat Tremblay

(...)very inventive, and it expresses a truly singular tone. -- Le Monde

Hellacious Acres is smart, witty filmmaking, jammed with a unique sense of humor. Gamers and genre fans will celebrate its meta-jabs at post-apocalyptic features and videos games. - Brad Miska co-Head of Bloody Disgusting

" of the best reproductions of a post-apocalyptic video game ever made.
This is true micro-budget auteur filmmaking, folks; miss it at your peril. 3 / 5"
-- Dread Central

". . . a bit like if the Monty Pythons had overtaken the shoot of Stalker by Andre Tarkovski. Fully conscious of the spectator's point of view, the filmmaker plays with a crazy talent for the grotesque in every scene. Jam-packed with visual inventions and story twists, all delightful on many levels, Hellacious Acres proves that bad movies are never where you think you will find them. This time, we have a hearty laugh and find new faith in genre cinema."
-- 24 Images Magazine

"Hellacious Acres is one of the most hilariously depressing post-apocalyptic movies of all time."

I've been impressed by the quality of the costumes and spfx (...) But it's mostly because of the script that we appreciate this movie which allies humor, a certain degree of intrigue and exceptional plot twists!"
-- Christian Boisvert -

"Anomalous and completely insane - an irresistible outlandishness"
-- Judex Fanzine

". . . its actually quite impressive for the budget it was made on."
-- The Gloaming Magazine

". . . a violently original apocalyptic opus"

" . . . the film proposes a very slick photography"

"...a dark version of the HALO video games and the cynical humour of Jim Jarmusch..."
-- Fantasia International Film Festival program

"Hellacious Acres looks stunningly good despite its minimal budget, but the one thing that really distinguishing this film is the clever script."
-- Oldenburg International Film Festival program

" . . .an anti-epic adventure with a sense of absurdity and irreverence that is reminiscent of the Monty Pythons."
- Lausanne Underground Film Festival Program

" . . . a movie that science fiction nuts will just love. Remember his name: Pat Tremblay."
- Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalunya program


1rst Bloodfest Fantastique Film Festival - Australia (June 2011)
15th Fantasia International Film Festival - Canada (July 2011)
18th Oldenburg Film Festival - Germany (September 2011)
1rst Festival du Cinema de la Ville de Qubbec (September 2011)
44th International Film Festival of Sitges - Spain (October 2011)
10th Lausanne Underground Film Festival - Switzerland (October 2011)
2nd Fantastique Semaine du Cinema - France (October 2011)
7th Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival - Italy (October 2011)
11th Kaohsiung Film Festival - Taiwan (October 2011)
29th Festival du Film d'Environement - France (February 2012)

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