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We certainly would make a handsome couple. I believe that's what people say when two people are obviously in love and are best friends. What, however, would the higher-ups think when they discovered our secret. Would they be as understanding and forgiving our slip into intimacy, I wonder. We could call it off, but when I'm in your presence all sense of propriety flees to the four winds and I just feel warm and fuzzy. And, I want to stay with you forever.

This fanfic challenge ends on Monday, November 14, 2005

Two inanimate objects: guitar, music

SFB-SGAC Stargate Atlantis Weekly Fan Fiction Challenge

22 Minutes, Two Inanimate Objects, an Opening paragraph and your creativity equals a challenge worth taking.

Dust off your typewriter, sharpen your pencils, and clean-up your computer screens because The Buzz has added another challenge and this time it's for Stargate Atlantis. Our rules are simple (see below), always in the interest of fun, and if you are involved in any other ficathon, feel free to write this scene/ficlet/vignette as a part of that. This challenge runs weekly ending on Monday nights @ 11:59 p.m.

Ratings can run through NC-17 (if your Yahoo Group takes NC-17), but please mark it clearly.

Here's the mix and the rules: You take one or two characters (your choice), add a couple innanimate ojbects (our choice), and one opening line. We provide you with the opening line. You must write non-stop for 22 minutes. Get yourself an eggtimer or bribe one of your kids to come in and stop you at the 22 minute mark and leave you alone during that time.

At 10 minutes you will probably hit a wall where you will think you can't write anything else. Keep going. Write anything in that time. Just don't stop scrawling/keying/typing. Write "I am writing garbage" if you have to, but don't stop. A minute or so after that, you will hear, see or feel your next thought/scene. It will be very quietly delivered. Pick up the scene and keep going. This will more than likely be some of your best writing. During the 22 minutes, anything you write is okay. DO NOT STOP AND GO BACK TO EDIT. After 22 minutes, you can edit.



If you found out about this challenge through a Yahoo group, POST YOUR ENTRY TO YOUR GROUP. Simply title it SGAChallenge: Title/Pairing/Rating, etc. That way everybody can read and enjoy your creations. We will find and review your entry through the SGAChallenge you put at the beginning of your subject line.

NON-YAHOO GROUP MEMBERS or YAHOO GROUP MEMBERS who found this on a list that doesn't allow fan fiction posting:

This group is set up for folks who are not part of a Yahoo fanfic group already or you found this through a news list that doesn't allow fan fiction posting. If you heard about us through a newsgroup or announcement list, post your stuff to our SGA Challenge Yahoo Group located here: Yahoo SGA Challenge Group
Or email it to: sgachallenge@gmail.com

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