Prolific Writer's Techno Thriller Envisions Future Europe

by William James
(Asheville, NC, USA)

For Immediate Release

Prolific Writer's Techno Thriller Envisions Future Europe

And Glory - A New Novel By Andrew Ian Dodge

4/23/2010 - Harpswell, ME - The year is 2034. Power lies in Europe with the bureaucrats in Brussels and London is the center for the Western Provinces. The Supremo Manipulator of this conglomerate of nations is Pius. With no religious connections and a diminishing hold on power the Union is sustained by nepotism, violence and musical chairs of political appointees. The disintegration of the Union is imminent.

With a touch of humor, a satirical political edge and a flowing writing style, characters you come to know well take the reader through a techno-thriller deep into the 21st century. We see the ambivalence of revolutionaries, who never intend serious action, faced with orders to destroy and kill. Europe will never be the same again …

Andrew Ian Dodge is a 40 something writer, consultant and rocker. Married to English actress Kim Benson since 2007. A regular contributor to Pajamas Media, Dodge is busy working on several writing projects including a new novel and lyrics for his band. He recently overcame colon cancer. He has a weekly heavy rock column for (as Marty Dodge), and has written a piece on the state of the music business for the Economic Resource Council (UK) and the Conpetitive Enterprise Institute (US). His blog, Dodgeblogium ( has been described as: "...bloggers who combine a taste for heavy metal music with a taste for heavy metal politics..."
Dennis Sewell on BBC-R4

Reactions to And Glory:

"She is quite possibly the only gorgeous time bomb in the world." His "quote of the year." "Closing fight sequence would make good telly!" - Dr Lee Rotherham author of Ten Years On.

"Nightmare vision of the future, which suddenly seems frighteningly close in light of recent developments. I was relieved when I put it down and I realized it hasn't (quite) happened yet. Has made me redouble my efforts as UKIP London chairman for the forthcoming UK elections." - Paul Kevin Wiffen, Cannes winning filmmaker & pianist to the Cannes' most famous attendees.

"Andrew Ian Dodge shows a pretty believable version of this future, where a European mandarin uses the inefficient bureaucratic juggernaut to further his own dark designs, killing anyone standing in his way. The highly entertaining plot turns and twists through the dark corners of the empire, making the book a worthy reading, so I wouldn't spoil it for you by telling more. Just to mention the active participation of two attractive female cyborgs to whet your appetites... So go and buy the book!" - Snoopy the Goon on

And Glory available from Amazon and
Paperback: 308 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (February 2, 2010)
Cover by John Cox (of Cox & Forkum fame)

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

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