New SCIFI and Fantasy Publisher

by Jacques
(Dallas, Texas USA)

TV writer Geoffrey Thorne, author of STAR TREK: TITAN: SWORD OF DAMOCLES (among others), has formed a small press, THE WINTERMAN PROJECT, to produce ebooks, comics and shorts in all the speculative genres.

The first eNovel, WINTER OF THE WILD HUNT and the ongoing eNovella series, THE GRIM ARCANA, are already fan favorites and, as of this year, two new writers, CLAY COBB and ALICIA SWIFT have been added to the roster with new ebooks coming out monthly.

Here's what some people have said about Winterman Project books -

"Red/Shift is awesome – and incredibly fulfilling!" - Best Science Fiction Stories dot Com

"Fixing Mr. Styx is a highly enjoyable excursion into a dangerous world that exists just outside the corner of our eyes." - The New Podler Review of Books

"In WInter of the Wild Hunt Thorne has the gift of finding the right language to make the story flow while also creating amazing imagery and characters with emotional depth." - AUTHOR magazine

The Winterman Project is just getting started! Check out these titles and the upcoming ones as well.

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