Music CD Tells Science Fiction Story

by Mack Maloney
(Newburyport , MA )

My name is Mack Maloney. I've written 40 books and have been published by Penguin, Ace Science Fiction, St Martin's and TOR. Total sales are about 4 million copies.

I've also been signed to Voiceprint Records UK, and our first CD is out. It tells the story of a spaceman lost on a deserted planet with only the music on his iPod to keep him sane.

Below is the record company's press release. Many more details can be found at including the story itself.

I know this might be a little different for you -- a science fiction story told through a collection of rock songs -- but I thought your readers might be interested in hearing more about it.

- Mack


Best-selling science fiction and adventure author Mack Maloney makes his recording debut with Sky Club, an album of original and cover songs that coincides with the release of his latest book.

Sky Club is a concept album that tells the story of a space traveler stranded on a deserted planet with only the music on his iPod to keep him company. The iPod contains the ill-fated traveler's favorite tunes, by bands such as The Who, Cream, Jars of Clay and Dream Patrol, along with two original tracks.

Maloney, who has sold 4.5 million books in his fiction writing career, plays keyboards in a musical cast that features Mark Poulin on guitars, bass, percussion and vocals; Rich Kennedy on guitars and effects; Amadee Castenell on sax; and Chris Billias on piano. Members of the ensemble have played with Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Don Henley, Billy Joel, and Robert Palmer, among others.

The spaceman whose story unravels in the album's 12 tracks dies in an attempt to fly back home. His body and iPod are discovered millions of years later by aliens who know nothing of music. The aliens rehabilitate the device and with it, introduce music to their society.

"It's a sad story with a happy ending," says Maloney.

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